ThriveDX: The Importance Of Cybersecurity Training In 2023

Coding is one of the most essential skills that job seekers should possess. This is because most things are done with computers nowadays. 

Companies communicate to the public through their websites and social media accounts. They also receive sales orders online. Today, a significant fraction of global trade is made entirely online. 

Companies and nonprofits store their data online through cloud applications and use cloud-based applications instead of installing apps on computers. The internet has also become a basic need whose level of importance is next to air, water, clothing, food, and shelter. 

Job seekers are advised to obtain IT-related certifications because of these reasons. Through the ThriveDX Coding Bootcamp, you can obtain cybersecurity certification or any of the other top 10 IT certifications. 

The Importance of Certification

It is not enough to have skills without certification. You might be good at something but lack the evidence employers need to show your competencies. That is why certification is essential. 

Through the coding BootCamp, you can acquire additional skills and get the certification needed to meet the entry requirements for specific jobs. 

A BootCamp is a short and intense training program to impart essential skills and knowledge to the learner. The training can be done in person or virtually through the internet. 

While many people may not be able to attend coding boot camps in person, some people choose to have face-to-face sessions with seasoned coding specialists. 

The Top 10 Certifications to Acquire

  1. Cybersecurity certification
  2. Web development certification
  3. Big data certification
  4. Sales certification
  5. Digital marketing certification
  6. Data science certification
  7. DevOps certification
  8. AI certification
  9. RPA certification
  10. Cloud solutions architect certification.

About ThriveDX

ThriveDX has been offering award-winning training solutions for over 15 years. The company was established to close the skills gap in the IT industry. 

As cybersecurity became a significant concern, ThriveDX leveraged its decades-old experience in training to offer the best Cybersecurity training programs. Currently, the company has the largest network of cybersecurity experts.

The mission of ThriveDX is to transform lives by educating global leaders for the digital careers of tomorrow. The company combines modern and traditional learning, practical experience, and learning-edge experience to produce competent IT professionals who will not only fill the jobs of tomorrow but also take the industry to the next level. 

Why Choose Cybersecurity Training?

The number of cyber attacks, hacking incidents, ransomware attacks, malware attacks, and database breaches reported in the last year alone is terrifying. Consumers are increasingly concerned about giving businesses and third parties personal and financial information. 

It is important to note that hackers and other harmful elements usually look for weaknesses in systems. They exploit these weaknesses to the detriment of others. 

These weaknesses can be blamed on the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. By offering cybersecurity training to a global population, ThriveDX is helping job seekers meet the entry requirements for cybersecurity jobs and helping organizations fill cybersecurity vacancies with competent staff. 

Roles and Responsibilities of Cybersecurity Professionals

These professionals ensure that only authorized users have access to the system. They check systems for irregular activities and take measures to secure the system. Below is a list of roles and responsibilities of a cybersecurity professional:

  • Monitoring applications and networks for suspicious activities
  • Managing user credentials to control access
  • Updating applications automatically using relevant systems
  • Training employees on security measures
  • Performing regular system audits to check for vulnerabilities
  • Developing a business recovery/continuity plan in case of a disaster
  • Preventing/dodging malicious attacks

The demand for cybersecurity professionals is high as many companies want to hire qualified professionals, but there is a massive shortage of certified professionals to fill the vacancies. 

The number of people currently undergoing training is also insufficient to fill the gap. This means that joining a cybersecurity coding Bootcamp like the one offered by ThriveDX can land you a decent-paying job in 2023. 

Certified professionals can take up the following roles; cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity engineer, or cybersecurity specialist. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a cybersecurity specialist is currently $99,834.

Advance Your Career

If you want to earn a six-figure salary doing something worthwhile, consider signing up for the ThriveDX cybersecurity training. 

The coding BootCamp is usually held periodically, so be sure to register for the next coding BootCamp. You can visit the company’s website to sign up for the next coding BootCamp program. 

Avoid Getting Laid Off

In the last few years, workers have been laid off because they lacked the skills needed to perform the duties they were hired to perform. 

By signing up for ThriveDX coding Bootcamp, you can acquire the skills and certification needed to hold on to your job. You may get a promotion and redeployment to work as a cybersecurity specialist. 

Freelance Cybersecurity Experts

While Cybersecurity analysts usually earn an average of $99,834 annually, they have the potential to earn much more than this. By working as a freelance cybersecurity expert, you can take care of the cybersecurity needs of multiple clients. 

Freelancers can work as much as they want, including at night and during the weekend and public holidays. Getting clients will not be challenging as there’s already a huge demand for cybersecurity services. 

To get the best results, you may want to team up with other professionals in the IT industry to create a full-service IT consultancy firm. 

Other Important Certifications

Apart from cybersecurity certification, software development is also an important course. It goes hand in hand with cybersecurity. Every cybersecurity expert must have software development skills. 

From 2020 to 2030, the demand for software developers is expected to grow by over 22%. This means that more developers are needed. 

Through the ThriveDX software development Bootcamp, you can acquire the skills and expertise needed to secure a high-paying job and attain job security. It’s important to note that software developers are the most critical players in the IT industry as they handle every facet of an IT infrastructure, from app development, web development, and front-end and back-end development, among other things.

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