Things you should consider before buying a laptop

A laptop is an essential thing in our daily life while it is for day to a day office job or works ion our very first project. The use case of laptops is increasing day by day because of its vast use case. There are not any perfect computer in the world. Because laptops are made for different purposes for different person .so a laptop is best for one doesn’t mean that it will be best for others. So the laptop choice is variable with the user and their type of usage.


When it comes to laptop size, it matters a lot.

Laptop size depends on the type of work, portability, etc. factor. Depending on our workflow, one should want to consider the size of their laptop. Size of a laptop is a fixed thing which cant be changed in future like other parts or component of the laptop like RAM ROM.So the buyer should be very careful about the size of their laptop.

Usually, the size of a laptop starts from about 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. The most common and popular brand in the market like HP, Dell, Asus , Acer offers their laptop in three main sizes, such as the 13.3 inch,15.6 inches, and 17.3-inch model. They are more popular than the other sizes of laptops in direktory .

With a great laptop size, there comes the weight. The more the overall size of the laptop, the more it weights. Because in a bigger form factor, the laptop will have more expensive and more powerful staff. So when buying a laptop, one should keep in mind the size of the laptop.

2.Screen Quality

Since, from the very first of the laptop usage, you are going to look at the screen of the laptop so you should consider the screen, and it is indeed an essential factor of a laptop.

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Firstly there is this option of a touchscreen laptop or non-touchscreen laptop. If you have a touchscreen laptop, you can have more freedom of work. You can also do stuff that is difficult for the mouse or keyboard. There you can have more freedom in work in touch screen. Generally, the creative artist or someone who wants the precise control of the little and small things can go with the touchscreen.

The next important factor is the panel quality itself. There are usually two types of monitor quality used in laptop industries. Those are the LCD panel or the OLED panel. The LCD panel is cheap. So we can see the cheaper laptop have this kind of panel while the other high price range laptop has OLED technology. In a nutshell, the OLED panel is better in every section. But you can’t go wrong either of the panels because they produce a very good color.

Next, there is an important thing, which is the resolution of the screen. In an average laptop size, maximum laptops are in 1920×1080-pixel resolution (Full HD).there are also higher resolution models with up to 4K panel. That depends on the users’ personal use case.


CPU is the central part where all the magic happens. There are few CPU companies out there, but it is tough to get a laptop without the intel processor inside. In a small form factor, power efficiency and overall performance intel are still the best on the market by far. Their main product line up is core i3, core i5, and Core i7. Some laptops have that core i9 build in, but it is a sporadic case.

Core i3 laptops are made for regular tasks like typing watching regular tasks etc. They are found in the entry-level laptops most of the time.

Core i5 laptops are made for kinda person who wants to do some editing in a basic level, do some stuff in entry-level type or standard casual gamer type. With has enough power to handle well multitask or low to medium workload.

Core i7 series is made for the power user. People wanted to do stuff like heavy gaming video rendering etc. type, .but it draws a massive amount of power and produces enough heat.

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In the old days of the computer, 4GB ram was considered as the best ram for a system, but nowadays, four GB isn’t enough .8gb memory is regarded as the minimum ram in laptops. Buyers have the choice to purchase 16 or 32 or even higher ram in their system

Your budget your call

It all depends on the budget and use case. If a regular user buys a high-end laptop, they will have to cost a lot more money and get more power, but he or she doesn’t need that. Laptop choices must depend on the user and the budget he or she can effort. More and more companies are making great laptops. We hope to see more options for the consumer in the upcoming future.

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