The Tag Golf Control Unit: Industry Leading Back-end Management Solution

The game of golf as we know it first emerged in the 1500s. Since then, it has been a vastly popular sport of a competitive nature. Thanks to new developments in technology, golf and golfing equipment has seen many an upgrade in recent times. One particular new development is making strides in the golfing industry. Back end fleet management and sophisticated cart technology has been growing into a new industry standard with companies like Vantage Tag Systems.

The Vantage Tag Golf Control unit is a modern, efficient system geared towards bringing golf course management into the future. Combining technology with a centuries old sport makes it that more appealing, convenient and secure for both the player and course management. Back- end fleet management gives golf course managers full transparency and control over all the activities on a typical golf course.

What is back-end fleet management?

Generally speaking, fleet management is basically how large companies or corporations keep track of, maintain and use their company vehicles. In golf, fleet management revolves around gps equipped golf carts. Since most gold courses span acres of land, players need golf carts to move around as they engage in their game.

Back end fleet management uses telematics for a more efficient management system. Telematics is a combination of telecommunication, vehicular technology, electrical engineering and computer science. This creates a system that can geo tag, collect data about vehicles, provide on the go support or alerts and much more. This new direction in technology is not only good for convenience but also safety and security.

Back end fleet management for golf courses is especially useful. Due to the wide expanse of golf courses, a good back end fleet management system can do the following:

  • Track vehicles (golf carts) and pinpoint their exact location on the acreage
  • Provide safety features such as warnings or notifications about sensitive areas or prohibited areas
  • Have telecommunication in case of emergency
  • Help golfers keep score and other game related data

What is the Vantage Tag system?

Vantage Tag Systems go beyond basic fleet management. They are an innovative and driven company geared towards creating and developing fleet management technologies to make operations run smoother, reduce costs and have access to top of the line digital technology which makes processes easier. Apart from their ground breaking golf tag systems, Vantage Tag Systems also provide solutions for commercial, government and even military applications.

Features of the Vantage Tag system

Vantage Tag Systems is a leader in the GPS golf cart system industry. The TAG suite of products provides a wide array of efficient solutions for the golfing industry. The main focus of these products is to an enhanced golfing experience for the novice to the professional. The TAG suite of products includes:


This innovative industry leading back-end fleet management system is compact, easy to use, has a friendly user interface and does more than just track your golf session.

You can experience the following great features:

  • Standalone cart management system
  • Pace of play tracking and monitoring
  • Theft and vandalism protection
  • Detailed real time reports
  • Energy efficient battery that does not drain your cart power
  • Sensitive area protection

The Tag Golf Control Unit is a one stop shop for all your basic fleet management needs. It’s also affordable, scalable, modular and very effective in its operation. One major plus is that there is a lifetime warranty to keep your investment secure.


TAG is a simple GPS tracker that you can install on your golf cart. The TAG system takes care of the following:

  • Yardage information (distance and ground coverage)
  • Pace of play
  • Course and restricted zone warnings
  • Automated full fleet messaging
  • Custom clubhouse messaging
  • One-way communication

TAG Text

TAG Text is another fleet management device option. It has a backlit LED screen to display text and collects the following data:

  • Yardage information
  • Pace of play notifications
  • Restricted zone warnings
  • Course warnings
  • Full fleet messaging
  • Custom club house messaging
  • One way communication

TAG infinity

TAG Infinity incorporates all the features of the TAG Control Unit with some new additional features as described below. It comes in the form of a 12-inch HD Roof Mount for your cart which makes it easy accessed for use. It sports the following additional perks:

  • Food and beverage ordering
  • Protected zone warning and identification
  • Point to distance feature
  • Interactive score card
  • Vivid hole displays
  • Advanced pace of play information
  • Two way customization
  • Pro tips
  • Advertising program with revenue generating feature
  • Customizable welcome screen

TAG infinity is a more personalized golf back end fleet management system that caters to every need a golfer may require while out on the greens.



Pacer is a single rider golf cart that is powered by electricity. On a full battery charge, you can expect up to six rounds of use. The Pacer comes with a built in Vantage Tag system and can be upgraded to the Tag Infinity system if desired.

Single rider carts are great for social distancing, reducing germs and contamination and are easy to operate. You can also experience a faster pace of play using the lightweight Pacer to work your way around the course.


Raptor is a single seat, ride on golf cart that has a unique feature which makes it collapsible. As a golf course manager, you can purchase a fleet of Raptors to supply your customers or facilitate customers to purchase their own. The compact and portable nature of its design can then allow customers to transport their cart from home to course in their SUV.

It is also equipped to support TAG systems. Unlike the Pacer, the Raptor is smaller, has no roof and is almost like a scooter rather than a full cart.

100E Golf Cart

For something that is a little faster, and a little more fun, the 100E golf cart is a premium ride. It is street legal, comes with Vantage Tag systems and can go up to 90 miles per charge. Ideal for serious, professional golfers who want to have a fast-paced play, the 100E golf cart is a major plus.

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