The Importance of Customer Experience in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is now forcing many companies to change their business models & adapt to this new market reality. Each company appears to go through the ‘digital transformation’, however, it is tough to note down what this means & it is tough to do. On top of this, many customers are now digitally native as well as have huge expectations from the interaction with their businesses. So it’s important to make sure that your business is in the right hands for digital transformation. There are companies like Syniverse who already got relevant experience in helping businesses with their digital transformation.

What’s Digital Transformation?

The digital transformation is an integration of digital technology in various areas of the business, which results in fundamental changes in how the business operates as well as the value that it will deliver to the customers. In simple terms, it is all about change in the way the business interacts with their customers or how they offer the customers a consistent experience when required.

Actually, whenever asked about various factors that can influence the business decision for implementing the digital transformation strategy, half of the organizations cited the customer experience & customer satisfaction as the leading influences.

Knowing Importance of the Digital Customer Experience

Maybe the critical thing that you need to know about the digital customer experiences will be that the customers do not put plenty of thought into them. Nobody cares about how much money the company has already invested in the new online portal and how long they have tested the latest mobile app.

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The customers just want to access their products as well as services conveniently if possible. Digital customer experience should be made for their benefit as well as to meet various needs that might not be the same as what the company wants.

Most of the industries are very competitive and making it very simple for the customers to switch from one company to another with very little hassle. Highly digital customer experiences actually make these transitions easier.

Suppose the easier alternative is some clicks away, then there is very little incentive for the customers to put with the inconvenience. Difficult and frustrating digital platforms & mediocre customer service will drag down the established & recognizable brands.

Information access online

You may store information on the cloud, and it makes it easy for the customers to find out what they want and when they want without necessarily speaking with the customer care and customer success personnel.

Suppose you are the e-commerce platform, then your customers may access the details of the past purchases, cancel, return and re-order on their own and track the current buys.

Seamless experience

Technology has now empowered the customers to get anything they want, when they want, as well as how they want. Around half of the consumers expect the customer service reaction within an hour.

They expect similar response times on the weekends as on the weekdays. This requirement for instant gratification has actually forced the organizations to stay accessible as well as on-demand, 24hours a day.

Focus on the Stability

The right digital customer experience may quickly turn into the worst in case their platform experiences frequent downtime. The system reliability will be important to building trust among the customers as well as encouraging them to use the particular service.

Building this backbone of the digital customer experiences over shoddy and unreliable infrastructure is the recipe for the disaster. For this reason, organizations have now turned to the colocation data centers for offering a stable as well as versatile environment, which allows them to build the most reliable and scalable digital experiences.

Complete data transparency

Whereas digitalization helps you to collect the user data to get new insights into the customers’ buying habits as well as preferences or offerings as well as help you to develop the most effective marketing campaigns, this helps users to know what data will be collected or how is it used.

The survey showed how around 87% of the users think that it is very important they can control as well as review the personal data on the platform from every time. Getting digital can help you to open the process to customers, assure it is not shared with third parties, and more. It goes a very long way for building customer trust as well as long-term relationships.

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