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Many casino players ask themselves if the casino games are rigged at some point. Newcomers reflect on this because they have heard the popular statement that home always wins. Some seasoned traders also ask themselves this question because they have experienced overall losses as they calculated their gains and losses over time. This article, gives you the facts about casino games. As you will see, casino games are set up to favor the house. But as long as you play legal games at trusted casinos, you can still win.

When playing online casino games, it is important to understand two concepts.

House Edge – this is a mathematical advantage of the casino. It depends on the game. The house edge of slot machines is usually 4%, while in blackjack it can be as high as 0.5%.

RTP – This is the average amount of money which has to be returned to the players. For example, in slots it is usually 96%, while in blackjack it can be 99.5%. You will notice a correlation between the house edge and the number of RTPs. The mega888 allows you to calculate the casino’s gaming profit. RTP does the same, but tells you how much the casino will refund players. These are two ways of expressing the same thing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the casino will only keep 4% of your money or return $ 96 for every $ 100 you have wagered. It is possible that 10 players could lose $ 100 each and one lucky player would win $ 40 on a $ 1 spin. The RTP figures and house edge are averages.

Likewise, if you win the jackpot, you can be sure that the casino has already made more profits or will do so in the future. That’s why home always wins. In this sense, the casino games are set in the best way possible in Spin Palace Casino Review

The House Edge in popular casino games

Now that you understand the concepts of the casino edge and RTP, let’s take a look at the house edge of some popular casino games. Take note of three things. First the higher the house edge, the greater the potential payouts. Second, different bets in the game can change the house edge. There are a lot of tricks to playing and enjoying casino. You will never have fun if you are only losing your money. So it’s necessary for frequent wins as well. 

Finally, the house edge can be influenced by the game variant you are playing. Many slots, keno and some craps betting have the highest house edge. Casinos make most of their money from these games. This is one of the reasons why people are almost always allowed under casino bonus terms. However, these games also offer the greatest potential returns. Video poker generally has the lowest house edge. It varies depending on the variant you play, but some games like Jacks or better have a house edge as low as 0.46% and can even have a negative house edge when played with an excellent video poker strategy. 

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