The Best Mobile Chess Apps to Win

No matter what level of chess you play from starters to more advanced players Mobile Chess Apps help users to ace their games and advance their skills with superior strategies and tactics.

In addition to connecting users with other chess players around the world Mobile Chess Apps also help players learn and understand their moves and games with post-match analysis and theory lessons.

Users can watch move-by-move videos of famous chess games and learn how to approach your next game like a grandmaster. Below we feature some of the Best Mobile Chess Apps to get you on the winning track:

The Mobile Chess App helps chess players to improve their chess games with plenty of videos, lessons and free unlimited chess games. 

Using this App, chess players can play friendly online chess with over 60 million players around the globe and make new friends as you chat while you play.

Users can also join tournaments, and also play chess games in real time. App users can also access over 150,000 unique chess puzzles to help improve your game and users can also access practice puzzles as well with themes for all skill levels.

Users of the Mobile Chess App can also gain access to a variety of chess lessons, tutorials and videos with tips, hints and recommendations all made by chess masters. Users can make use of the App’s step-by-step lesson plans and analyze games in order to up their game.

Users can compete against a global community of 50 million chess lovers and improve their rankings with over five million chess games played each day. App users can also read articles by chess masters and develop a winning style and then show off your skills by challenging friends to a game.

After your game this App Developer will also provide performance stats that help you improve and this App is available across 80 languages making it welcome for all.

Social Chess

Social Chess makes the classical game of chess more fun and sociable to all.  Using this App, players can play against their friends or random opponents as well. Users can also set up their own Social Chess user profile and then add friends, comment and chat on forums, share pictures, videos, watch tutorials and much more.

Players can play fast chess with a clock feature or if you are busy you can even play slog games with the next move on the next day.  In order to help improve your game the App’s own analysis breaks down your statistics and also learns from your opponent as well.

Using this App Development players can play games with no internet connection with the moves updated the next time the user connects to the web. Serious players can play up to five games simultaneously and receive alerts when the next move is made and users can also claim victory if the opponent does not make a move in the time provided and you can take back your move as well!

Dr. Wolf

Ideal for beginner and intermediate level players the Dr. Wolf Mobile Chess App is really easy to use as Dr. Wolf plays along with you and explains everything as well. 

Users can also benefit from 25 in-depth chess lessons and learn from Dr. Wolf as he points out strategic ideas and identifies your weak points. As users develop the App continues to introduce new concepts and theories to master that help build tactical strategy.

Users can earn points for advanced game play and after the first three trial games users can subscribe to premium membership with unlimited access to Dr. Wolf and the complete lesson library.

World Chess Championship

The World Chess Championship Mobile Chess App is an easy to use online tool that helps players prepare for real world chess games with superior opponents. Users can create a profile or play anonymously.

Users of this Android App Development can try and improve their player rankings as they review their games, chat with other players and play competitive chess games online for free with millions of other chess lovers.  

Magnus Trainer

The Magnus Trainer Mobile Chess App is hosted by World Chess champion Magnus Carlsen. This App offers users interactive lessons, strategy  sessions and tactical points from the master himself.

Chess players can sharpen their skills by accessing premium lessons created by the grand master himself and his panel of experts, all of whom have extensive coaching experience.

Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced level chess player Magnus Trainer Mobile Chess App has all the theory lessons, tactics and strategies you could ever need to become an elite chess player in the future.

Users can enhance their membership to premium level and access all 250 master lessons and learn chess from the greatest player of all time!


Mobile Chess Apps help you to become the best chess player with advanced skills, knowledge and tactics. Download a Mobile Chess App and make the right move. 

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