The Best ACMarket Alternatives for Android

ACMarket is one of the most popular alternatives for Google Play Store. It has thousands of applications, tweaks and games which is going to make your experience of using a mobile phone much better. But did you know there are various alternatives for ACMarket as well? There are chances that the ACMarket APK stops working on your phone. You might feel that you have lost your chance to get access to certain applications which were possible through this platform. The good news is that you have got a number of other applications just like ACMarket.

Let’s look at some of the best alternatives of ACMarket for Android phones:

1.  Aptoide

Aptoide is one of those applications that you can trust in order to replace your Google Play Store. Just like ACMarket, Aptoide is completely free as well and you don’t have to pay a single penny in order to have it on your device. It is available for tabs as well, apart from being a very useful application for smartphones. There are times when you cannot access certain applications on Google Play Store. Look no further since Aptoide will provide you with all such applications which are not available on the official app store but are important to you.

2.  F-Droid

This proves to be a very useful application as well. The app is run by F-Droid ltd and they have named the app on the name of the company itself. With over 4000+ applications available on this platform, you may get access to all such applications for free which requires you to pay when you try using them with the help of Google Play Store. It has apps available in 17 different categories which will make sure that it ticks one of the boxes regarding the apps you’re going to try and find here.

3.  Uptodown

There’s an application available on Uptodown which makes it easily accessible with a fantastic user-interface. With the help of this platform, you can download those OBB files of some of the games that you are looking forward to anyway. This platform is of great use to its users, especially those of them who like to play games. You can use Uptodown by searching for the app online and downloading it to your device. The process is pretty simple.

4.  Getjar

With over 3M downloads every single day, Getjar has to be the most popular third party app store for Android phones. It was founded way back in 2004 and has been a free app marketplace ever since for one and a half decades. It has close to 1M applications on it and it is specifically meant for youth. All sorts of games and their modded versions are available here. There are certain mods available for social media applications too. It doesn’t just support Android, the software is available for platforms such as Blackberry, iOS etc.

5.  1Mobile

1Mobile has reached a decent popularity itself as a quality alternative to ACMarket as well as Google Play Store. The good thing about 1Mobile is that it is easily accessible across operating systems. There are well-organized applications available here and they have been categorised nicely too. It takes away any chance of confusion in the mind of people using it. You will get some useful apps along with its mods. What else can you ask for?


Q1: Do these alternatives work only on Android phones?

Some of these alternatives are going to work across different operating systems. Some of them are strictly available for Android phones. But all of them are a great alternative for ACMarket, regardless of the fact if it is available for Android only or other operating systems as well.

Q2: What is the benefit of using these third party app stores?

The biggest benefit that you are getting from these platforms is that it will make available those applications which are not listed on Google Play Store.

Q3: Are these applications free of cost?

Yes, each of these applications is free of cost.

No matter if you use ACMarket or its alternatives, one thing is for sure. You will get paid applications for free and get certain modifications for apps, tweaks and games. It’s a fun ride using these platforms to add just s bit more entertainment into your life and get a different experience of using your mobile phone!

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