The Benefits of Using Cloodo for Project Management

We live in a digital world. The advantages of digitization have made our lives easier, more efficient and made them more productive than ever before. Consumerism is changing and we need to find the best ways to take advantage of these changes in order to meet customer needs.

One of the fields that have been changed tremendously by the rise of digital transformation is project management.

Cloodo has found a way to combine AI assistants with project management, which has resulted in a completely new way to manage projects called AI-based project management.

Here are some benefits of using Cloodo for project management that you might need to ponder:

1. You don’t have to learn yet another software, it’s all integrated into one place

Cloodo is a project management and collaboration software designed for creative professionals. Whether you’re working on a creative project, or managing a business, Cloodo has the tools that you need to make your work more efficient.

Cloodo is not just for projects, but its true strength lies in its abilities to facilitate managing projects. It’s perfect when you need a little help keeping track of your project’s tasks and deadlines.

2. Your whole team can collaborate on one project at a time in real time

With Cloodo, you can create and assign tasks to your team members. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to quickly rearrange task priorities according to your needs.

You can use the built-in chat for quick collaboration and discussion with your team members about the project. This tool is very useful for web designers who want to be in touch with different departments, such as marketing or sales.

3. It has a user-friendly interface

Cloodo’s beautiful user interface keeps your team on track by automatically updating task lists to avoid confusion and miscommunications. It has robust tools that help you manage projects, tasks, and even email within one place.

Cloodo’s intelligent chatbot makes scheduling meetings easier than ever with its smart reminders. Lastly, Cloodo is designed to be accessible from any device with a browser — meaning no more juggling multiple apps!

4. Tenant scheduling

With Cloodo, you can divide your tasks into segments and manage them by their stage at a given point of time. Moreover, you can see how much time it would take to complete each segment so that you can estimate the time frame for completion of the project better.

5. Cloodo is easy to use

Cloodo allows teams to manage projects and tasks efficiently. It was designed with teams in mind to collaborate with their clients, and make it easy for them to understand the progress of a project.


Cloodo is a web based project management tool, which simplifies and democratises the process of running, sharing and discussing projects. One key strength of Cloodo is that it allows remote team members to work on one project simultaneously. This means that your whole team can collaborate on one project in real time with Cloodo.

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