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Techniques To Stalk Instagram Users

Are you intentionally or unintentionally Instastalker? Instastalker is a millennial term used for anyone who stalks someone on Instagram. Stalking your favourite celebrities on various handles has been in since years now. We all want to know what our favourite person is up to. Not only celebrities, we even keep an eye on what our friends and family are doing. Instastalker stalks your profile on Instagram and it is not always harmful. It is just a way to look at a profile, but anonymously. It could be a friend, ex- boyfriend or girlfriend or family that you are stalking if you want to go unnoticed. This blog enumerates certain tips to do so. You can use any of these methods to stalk someone on Instagram and know what they are up to.

Third-party applications

The best option to stalk anyone would be using a third-party application. Third-party applications help you view stories of any user discreetly. These Instagram story viewing apps are available online to use. One of the best Instagram story viewing apps which is safe and easy to use is StoriesIG. StoriesIG is absolutely safe to use and works well on every device. You just need the username of the person whom you wish to stalk and enter the name in the app. StoriesIG displays all the stories and highlights posted by this account which you can view and even download anonymously. The best part is you get this service for free and can be tension free as the app does not store information that is being downloaded. StoriesIG does not violate any norms of privacy and is legal to use.


When I say Finsta, it abbreviates fake Instagram account. Now this might seem a bit over do, but it actually works. Making a fake Instagram account helps you cover your identity under another name. You can just simply follow them and view all their posts and stories. This helps you view any user’s profile discreetly. You can even view your friends account for this purpose but make sure the account that you are using is going to get enlisted. If the profile is public you can do the same thing from your account but make sure you do not like any post to avoid them the knowledge that you were stalking.

Slide and peek

If the account is public or you follow that person and are willing to view their stories anonymously there are two ways to do this. Let’s confer how? You can either play the story prior to this one and then slide towards the next story but make sure you stop mid way, this way you won’t actually be listed in the story while you would have seen it. The other option that can be used is using the flight mode. You can turn on the flight more on your device which cuts all network connection and then play the pre-loaded stories. This helps you view any story anonymously.

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