Tactics to Retain Your Exhibitors and Attract Online Exhibitors

Exhibitions prove valuable for the business as it increases brand awareness and promotes their new products or services by targeting the specific audience. These days, physical exhibitions become impossible to conduct due to the COVID-19 spread so the exhibitors are shifting towards online exhibitions to give a boost to their business. Several companies all over the world arrange an online exhibition for their clients but the question is whether the exhibitors are happy with their online exhibition services or not. If the exhibitors are satisfied with their services then it will surely come back next year and increase their investment. Other than this, seasoned conference experts and newbies know that exhibitors want just one thing and that is the return on investment. It means that they want to see the traffic to their booths and desire to have people in their ideal target demographic. The main role of the b2b meeting planner is to make their exhibitors happy by meeting their sales goals.   

What Disappoints Exhibitors?

Several things in online exhibitions disappoint the exhibitors so it should be avoided to make the clients satisfied and these are as under:

  • Being overshadowed by bigger brands
  • High attendance charges
  • Not getting the perfect spot at the online exhibition spot
  • Wrong speaking opportunities
  • Receiving low-value leads

What Makes the Exhibitors Happy?

In an online exhibition, there are several things that need to be considered to make your clients happy and these are as follows:

  • Provide Excellent Materials Online:

If your exhibitors have been happy with your previous conferences then they may come out with various ways to increase their investment. You must be making sure that you are providing professional sponsorship packets, resources, and online information. There are multiple people in the organization who are responsible for the marketing decisions so you must check that your online options are always up to date so that every individual can go through the same information.

  • Provide Personalize Opportunities:

A company should provide personalized opportunities to the online exhibitors that prove helpful for them in reaching their target market. Contact them personally seems good as it makes it easy for the exhibitors to talk about marketing needs. There can be a great chance that their ideal sponsorship is one about which you have no idea. In this case, you should not depend on them as they have to come up with their idea but the discussions and the mutual decision making is important. You have a better idea of what becomes successful or what does not. Working together to find something has significant importance as it will give a good return and add value for your attendees. Other than this, it can be said that a conversation about your exhibitor’s needs can make it easier for you to better help them. 

  • Use Content Marketing:

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies that build a great connection with clients. The agenda behind content marketing is to inform your audiences by giving useful information that can prove helpful for them. During working with exhibitors, it is the responsibility of the company to offer various marketing tools to them that can establish more meaningful connections with their attendees. Other than this, meeting planners must arrange drip marketing campaigns with helpful information for the online exhibitors by using social media at the meeting, blog topics, and host city information. Moreover, you should make your exhibitor’s content creation task easier and assist them to reach the targeted audience with outstanding content. This strategy will help your conference to stand out in the market.

  • Provide Easy-to-Use Tools:

You should provide easy-to-use tools to your exhibitors which can easily connect them with their attendees. Online tools are important for scheduling private meetings. Here is an example of the different meeting apps and these are zoom, aladdinb2b and gomeeting. With the help of these apps, the meeting planners can make exhibitors make a powerful connection with the participants. These apps prove effective in doing business. If you’re trying out different conference apps, then you should think from an exhibitor’s viewpoint too. If the exhibitors consider these apps effective then you must provide them.

  • Return on Investment Must be Greater Than Cost: 

The main focus of the online exhibitors is on the return on investment as it should be greater than the booth cost. If you’re facing a problem with your exhibitor retaining, then it does not need to worry about the higher cost of the booth but rethink their investment with you. In other words, it can be said that the main key element is the investment but not a fee. If your online exhibitors are receiving a significant number of new sales and chances to reconnect with their former customers, then they ignore the charges. Other than this, it can be said that if they are generating the favorable revenue from your conference in the comparison of cost to attend, the actual booth fee seems nothing for them. Exhibitors are doing great investments of their marketing dollars in your conference so they expect a positive return on investment otherwise they’ll look elsewhere.

  • Bring a Higher Percentage of Attendees:

There is one more thing that makes your online exhibitors happy and that is to drive a higher percentage of attendees to their exhibitions. These days, conferences and meeting professionals are using different apps and competitions to generate traffic for their exhibitors. Most of the trade shows arrange different fun activities for the attendees just to attract the audience but in the present days, online exhibitions are arranging which makes it possible to conduct activities like that. Now the main focus is on the content that plays a great role in attracting the participants to the exhibitions. So, if you are generating powerful content for your online exhibitors that assist them in increasing the targeted audience then they will appreciate your doings and come back after a year.   

Final words:   

In the end, it concludes that the organizations must avoid the things that disappoint their online exhibitors and do the thing as much as possible that can make them happy. If this happens, then they always come back to you with a great investment.  

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