Stubby Holders: What Are They?

You can’t go wrong with the modest stubby holder as an Australian symbol that embodies the fun-loving Aussie larrikin spirit! The stubby holder can be found anywhere and anywhere; from the outback to the coast, at parties and festivals, backyards to construction sites, sporting ovals to the golf course; there aren’t many areas in Australia where you won’t run into the much-loved stubby holder.

The stubby holder is the perfect accessory because it is lightweight, easily folded and moulded, and suitable for any weather condition. Although they appear plain, today’s custom stubby holders are not only colourful works of art that come in various shapes and sizes, but they are also a highly versatile and practical item designed to keep beverages and liquid refreshments cold!

The stubby holder is most commonly used to cover and thermally insulate drinks in a bottle or a can, but its fundamental nature allows it to be used to wrap and thermally insulate more than just a cold beer! The stubby holder, which is usually made of neoprene fabric or a foam sleeve, can be used on various beer containers, cans, and bottles, including wine and water bottles.

The stubby holder’s versatility, functionality, imaginative, and practical use are why many Australians continue to fall in love with it.

A Brief History of Stubby Holders

Stubby holder fans will tell you that the humble stubby holder emerged in the United States in the 1980s. Originally made from polystyrene foam, which was ineffective at keeping drinks cold, especially beer! A few years later, the American Koozie corporation took up the challenge and produced a holder made of neoprene with superior insulating properties, giving birth to the modern-day holder.

The initial insulated neoprene model was brought to Australia with a simple black design and has undergone many design changes and remodels to fit Australian drink shapes and sizes and become the holder you know today.

How Did Stubby Get Its Name?

In the United States, stubby holders are referred to as ‘cold coolie cups’ or ‘koozies’. According to folklore, the Australians got imaginative and called the humble holder ‘Stubby’ for the ‘fatter and shorter’ 375 mL beer bottle or for the bottle around which the neoprene sleeve is usually wrapped. Even though Queenslanders still refer to it as ‘cooler’.

Stubbies and Marketing

Today, stubby holders have evolved well beyond their original purpose of simply keeping your drink cold. Businesses and corporations are now using custom stubby holders as advertising items, and sports organizations and clubs are using them to foster teamwork and a sense of belonging to a ‘tribe’. Thousands of Australians use stubby holders as amusing gifts to commemorate and honour memorable occasions, important birthdays, achievements, team building, or to commemorate a special event, such as a wedding, and so on.

There is no better way to spread the word about your business than for a valued customer to enjoy an ice-cold beer while holding one of your custom printed beer holders. It’s time to honour a long-standing Australian tradition by giving your customers a custom stubby holder that they’ll hold for years.

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