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Here you will came to know about the student tracking system Karnataka official portal, it’s registration process, benefits, and objectives. 

What is STS Karnataka

In the Karnataka state there are numerous learning institutions which host millions of students each year. However the state government pays great emphasis on quality education for each child regardless of their gender. Recently the Karnataka government has launched a new system where all these students will be registered under the STS portal. The education department of Karnataka has officiated all the Karnataka student’s registration in the new portal students tracking system official portal. This process will affect all the schools in the state, in which students name and all the academic details will be collected and save in the STS online portal. 

Some important objectives of student tracking system Karnataka official portal

Through this portal the main objective of the Karnataka state government is to curb the duplication of school documents. It allows the government to detect fraudsters like any entrepreneur starting bogus schools. Now the education department accepts no manual paperwork however the School heads and the official are required to register through the online process only. While every year the online process happens on 30th November. The motive of government to standardise the school fees for all the schools in the state is to ensure that every student can afford education and no schools charges higher fees. Parents, schools and guardians can view the fee structure as indicated on the official website portal and implement that at the school level. Once registration process is completed all the student and staff details are saved in the portal. 

Procedure for online registration at STS Karnataka

The process is mandatory for both the government and the student each student will get a unique 9 digit code which allows to trace all the academic records as well as the data about the students. 

  • Go to the official STS Karnataka website portal. 
  • From the homepage, click on the registration option you will be redirected to a new page the registration form will appear on your screen. 
  • Next fill all the mandatory information about the school and the student on the page. 
  • Check all the details carefully and if required make connections then click on the submit option. 

Karnataka schools legal fees structure

For all the schools in the state of Karnataka the government has set a new school fee structure. The school heads are responsible to introduce the fee to all the parents as follows:

  • For primary Institutions from 1st to 7th class rupees 50000 fees. 
  • For a setup institution from 8th to class 10th rupees 100000.
  • For the setup of the institution from 11th to 12th class rupees 125000.
  • In the BBMP areas rupees 15000 for registration and process fee for the primary schools. 
  • In the urban areas rupees 7500 and in rural areas rupees 2500.

Important point this process is mandatory for all the schools in the Karnataka state while the fee structure is official and it must be followed in the whole state. In order to access any information School can visit the official STS website portal. 

Some benefits of STS Karnataka

  • With the help of the STS Karnataka official portal it allows to promote transparency in the education system. 
  • Now it is easier for the government to trace the total number of students in the whole state of Karnataka. 
  • The number will indicate the number of students who have completed their education and dropouts from this the government can easily and quickly learn reasons and can trace the students fast. 
  • Through this the State Government of Karnataka will learn the number of staff for each class If in case The children are more and overwhelm the teachers the government in future will employ new staff to balance the ration of teachers to students. 
  • The quality of education will improve in the state no schools with fake documentation will come up. 
  • Helps to add learning material according to the number of students per School. 

Frequently asked questions

Q, What is meant by STS Karnataka? 

Ans, STS Karnataka means  student tracking system it’s a new facility for all the schools to register the students in the Karnataka state. 

Q, How the portal helps when a student transfers form one school to another? 

Ans, With the help of the new system each students record can be easily track, even after transferring to a new school. Though the government have proper documents of the student and the school will update the information to the portal regarding the new student. 

Q, Is it possible for student to change their unique code to a different one? 

Ans, No, it is not possible for a student to change their unique code once they are registered at the STS portal. The number is linked to the students data until they are done with their education. 

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