Sticker Packaging Tips – How to make your packaging stand out?

It is no secret that product packaging influences purchasing decisions. In fact, in this study from 2018, 7 out of 10 consumers admitted that they are actively influenced by the appearance of a product. But how can you benefit from this? Especially when you do not have the capacity to hire product designers or an infinite marketing budget?

In this article, we will tell you exactly how you can – with custom printed stickers. Sticker printing is a great opportunity to add value at a low cost. We will share three ways you can use stickers to elevate your product packaging, no matter which industry you work in. Are you ready to find out more? Then let’s get straight to it. 

1. Spread the love 

We can direct customers towards the point of sale. Your purchase funnels will tell you exactly which channel has the highest conversion rate. However, at the bottom of every purchase decision is something as simple as a gut feeling. We decide on a brand because they feel like the right choice. How can you, as a marketer or business owner, influence this gut feeling? 

By presenting your brand as the best possible choice and delivering superb quality every time. There are symbols you can use to communicate this to your customers, especially when it comes to packaging. 

Think about one of the biggest packaging trends currently out there: unboxing videos. They are all about the post-purchase experience during, which a business can prove that they will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. With stickers, you can turn your unboxing experience into a valuable interaction with your brand.

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All you need for this are high-quality custom labels with a lovely welcoming or thank-you message. Apply them front and center to either your shipping boxes (top tip: such labels also double as seals) or your shopping bags. This way, you show your customers that your business cares about their experience, immediately igniting those positive associations that will come in handy when the next purchase decision is in the making. 

2. Keep it fresh 

Keep surprising your customers with personalized or themed product packaging. This can apply to your actual product as well as your shipping boxes or merchandise. To stand out from your competitors and win over consumers time and time again, you want to switch up the look of your packaging. 

We love using themed stickers for this. Instead of revamping an entire product line, you can simply change the stickers you are applying to your standard packaging. This way, consumers will still be able to recognize your brand by your brand colors, logo and fonts, but they will also be pleasantly surprised with the new design. 

This is the perfect way to add value to new as well as repeat customers. You can choose any type of sticker you would like, from seasonal pumpkins or snowflakes to awareness stickers for a charity or cause that is close to your brand. 

3. Use eye-catching materials 

Did you know that custom stickers not only come in all shapes and sizes, but on different materials? You do not have to go for a white vinyl base if that is not what you are after. Instead, you can choose between a host of so-called effect materials like metallic, holographic, glitter, fluorescent or transparent. 

This means you will absolutely find the right material for your intended use. With effect materials, you can turn the simplest packaging into a luxurious, high-quality product. Through this, you will not only out-shine your competitors, but can highlight specific qualities of your brand. 

Do you sell premium candles? Choose a holographic label to mirror the flickering of the flame to really grab consumers’ attention. Is your brand all about a sleek, modern look? Check out mirror silver labels that will transform your packaging into a futuristic must-have. There are no limits when it comes to custom stickers and labels, so let your creativity run free.  Click here to know more about

Where do you stand on using stickers for your product packaging? Did we convince you to give them a try? We sure hope so and cannot wait to see your next creation. Please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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