Some Suggestions and Thoughts on Silicone Compression Molding

Silicone products are actually produced by silicone compression molding machines. The molding of silicone products means that the products can already flow into people’s life and work. So, do you know what are the commonly used molding processes for silicone products?

There are many choices for silicone molding companies, and different customer needs usually require different processes to meet. There is no best process, only the most suitable silicone molding process. So demand determines the process.

In the production of silicone products manufacturers, silicone products are mainly pre-made into various shapes and sizes using a calender or extruder, which is called molding. The several molding processes commonly used in the production of silicone products are as follows. Very important One point is that silicone molding companies must provide customers with reliable silicone molding services.

Custom Silicone Compression Molding Process

Compression molding: It means a molding process that uses molding to manufacture silicone products; with the help of production molds, the raw materials that have been processed in advance are added to the hopper for molding. Extrusion molding: This molding process is mainly aimed at some silicone products with more complex structures. Silicone compression molding is a cost-effective method of silicone molding, and its use can bring satisfactory benefits to businesses.

The main molding method is to put the mixed rubber with a certain plasticity into the hopper of the extruder, and under the extrusion of the screw, through the various A method for continuous styling of various mouth shapes. Especially for silicone molding, it is Many people’s first choice in pre-prototyping.

Choose silicone molding companies

 If you want to choose silicone molding companies, then silicone molding technology is a thing worth considering. It should be noted that before extrusion, the rubber must be preheated to make the rubber soft, so that it can be easily extruded, so as to achieve the purpose of smooth surface and accurate size. Calendering: This molding process is the opposite of the extrusion process, and is aimed at some silicone products with relatively simple structures. Silicone molding companies should have professional silicone molding ability, which is the most basic and most important ability.

The above is the more commonly used molding process in the production process of silicone products, and it is also a relatively traditional molding process for silicone products. The molding process of silicone products is also a manifestation of the technical strength and production capacity of silicone products manufacturers. Therefore, the molding process of silicone products It needs to be mastered. Solid silicone can also be manufactured by silicone compression molding. 

Solid silicone molding process

Solid silicone products are usually made of a high-temperature mold by adding (double-25 or double-24) silicone vulcanizing agent mixed rubber, and then applying pressure through a flat vulcanizing machine, high-temperature sulfur is solidified, and the hardness of the molded silica gel is Usually in (Shore hardness) 30-70A. In the process of producing and mixing rubber in a silica gel factory, the raw rubber is firstly added to a double-roll rubber mixer or an airtight kneader, gradually adding white carbon black, silicone oil, etc. and other additives for repeated refining. According to the different fillers and additives added, the performance of silica gel is also different.

Custom Silicone extrusion molding process

Extruded silica gel products are usually formed by extruding silica gel through extrusion machines. It is a process in which silicone rubber is continuously made into semi-finished products of various shapes under the interaction of the silicone extruder barrel and the rotating screw. It can be used to process products such as silicone tubes, insulating sleeves for silicone wires and silicone cables, etc.

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