Small Additions Your Website Needs to Have: Chatbots, Sticky Elements, Redirects, and More

Sometimes the minor things can make a significant change on your website. Not just in the design, but overall.

They probably will fit right in with the rest of your theme. But, they will make a better user experience, retention rate, and visitor satisfaction. Which, in fairness, is something that we all should be striving to do. We need to cater to the audience as much as we cater to ourselves.

When creating a website for our business, it is vital to think like a customer. What do they need, what will make them interact and stay with us? By visitin the site you can know this Making a website.

There are a few things that will help you with that, so let’s jump right in.

1. Chatbots

The first thing that you should consider adding to your website is a chatbot. These things will help you enhance customer support right there on the site.

A chatbot is a tool that is programmed to respond to customers’ questions instead of a human, and it is like having an assistant that you do not need to pay.

They usually have a name that is similar to a robot and an avatar to go with it. But there are cases where businesses are using a much more human form of a chatbot, which is a clever way to trick customers into thinking that they are chatting with a person.

Besides, chatbots will provide multiple answers, and if they can’t help or find a solution, they will then transfer things to the support guy.

It is an excellent way of getting interaction on the site and providing customers with solutions; even if bots don’t get it right, they will transfer them to a support person. This way, you are helping your support system not to overflow with problems that can be solved by just following a guide.

2. Sticky elements

Now, one thing that will refresh your site and give your visitors an ideal time is sticky elements. These little guys will help you get more conversions on your site in no time. Let us explain what they are and how they are crucial to your site.

These elements are the ones that you stick on your website in the position you choose for them. If you have the right tool for that, you can stick whatever you want, from menus, navigation bars to widgets.

Let’s say you stick your navigation bar to the top of your site. No matter how far your customer scrolls down, the navigation bar will keep on following him. If a customer wants to go to another part of the website, the navigation bar is right there.

It is a small thing to do, beneficial to visitors, and essential to your conversion rates. If you didn’t have the bar at the top, visitors would probably leave. But with the navigation right there, they are most likely to stay and browse through.

A plugin that can help you with these things is WP Sticky. With this one, you can stick anything on your website. You do not need to code, and you will pick the elements visually and chose the settings you like. Plus, you can stick wherever you want and how many elements you want.

3. Redirects

Visitors hate hitting a dead end, or as professionals would like to call them, 404 pages. These things appear for several reasons, a broken link, URL that has been changed, typo from the customer’s side, and so on.

It not only gets on visitors’ nerves, but search engines like Google also aren’t really fond of broken links. Would you recommend a broken bike to someone? No? So won’t Google when it comes to broken links.

And that affects your SEO game, and nobody wants that. We all know that SEO is the number one guy in organic traffic.

If the user can’t access the site they want to see, they will just leave and look for another site with a similar product. And nobody likes giving their customers to their competition. So why would you do that when you can easily redirect them?

A tool by the name of WP 301 Redirects will easily help you with these problems. You can fix redirections and 404 errors caused by old links, content, and wrong links in seconds. You will almost instantly see a boost in your traffic because it takes care that the links are always working, which is essential for SEO.

Besides, they also have a built-in chart that will give you all the information on what is happening on your site.

4. Push notifications

One last thing that will improve your site is push notifications. You know when stores use those SALE stickers everywhere to draw your attention. You can do the same thing with push notifications. They have taken the internet by storm and are tools that businesses love to use to their advantage.

It is just another way of drawing the attention of your customers to one specific thing that you want to sell them. If they are browsing through your site, you can set up a notification that says “50% off today’s hot products”. That way, you are advertising directly in their face. It is impossible not to see it, especially if the offer is any good.

People love special treatment. To feel special is all we want, whether from a significant other or a webshop.

But anything right in your face 24/7 gets annoying. So, keep these things for special offers and special days. Like, why not use it for Christmas or the 4th of July? Special days lead to special offers. In this blog, we have discussed the most important points that you need to consider when choosing the best WordPress hosting service in 2021.

If you are managing a web hosting site then, you can go for the best WHMCS Custom Development Services to add such useful functions to your website, this will not only boost your client’s user experience but help your website rank higher.


In the end, small things can make a significant impact on your website, sales, and customer experience. You do not have to change up your whole game, just add these little things and watch how your engagement and conversions rise.

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