Simple and Easiest Free Online MP3 Converters

Want to convert a video (or any other type of video) to MP3/MP4 without doing such complicated registrations or wasting too much memory in your computer storage? Scroll down to find what you’re looking for.

The virus lockdown quarantine has made us stay at home or work from home to prevent further virus transmissions. Lots of people try to gain money using social media and other platforms like YouTube, Spotify, etc. The content creator occupation has risen since the pandemic and it has become the most efficient way to gain money. Before the emerge of COVID-19, those platforms were mainly just for entertainment but now everybody in the world could use that as a primary like to study (e-learning), sell and promote items, even entertainment videos are now a must-existed thing because, during the lockdown, people got bored easily.

Talking of boredom, music has to be one of the best ways for all of us to unwind. Whether you’re on the bus to work or sitting at your desk for the next 7-8 hours, music can be the most beautiful present for you. The internet today provides numerous ways to access the best music for free. When it comes to music, you can now move and groove to all of your favorite tunes. You can utilize the MP3 music downloader to download any song. They make it very easy to add your favorite songs to your playlist. Then, there are so many converters online, but how do you know which one is the best for you? A good converter is legit, there is no redirecting link that takes you to a website that required you to download something, or the worst, to buy something off your any business/bank account. Now, the safety of your identity is a priority.

Whether you are a YouTuber, a promotional agent, or even a student that needs to get their work done, converting visual media files is essential. It should be efficient with no time-wasting, and for the best, not even a single cent spent!

So, without further ado, here are some of the easiest and efficient mp4 to mp3 converter available online:

  1. Evano

This software has lots of features like an MP4 Converter, Audio Editor, and even PDF Compressor. Yes, this software is also useful for editing and optimizing your files. No need to worry because using this converter and editor supports many file types such as .ogg, .wav, .mp3, .mkv, .flv, and other types. It is easy to use, just upload your file, choose your desired converted file type, wait for a couple of minutes, done! It is also free so no need to worry about payments or subscriptions and such.

1 – Upload your file

Click the upload file button and choose the file from your computer.

2 – Choose the Output Format

Then, choose the output format (to what file type you want to convert it).

3 – Download it

Wait as it converts, then just click the download button beside the loading bar and the download should be started soon.

  1. Ontiva

Now, what if I want to download an audio file from YouTube? Ontiva got your back here! There is no need to save the YouTube video and then upload it to waste your time. Ontiva just needs the link to the YouTube video to be able to convert it to your desired media format. The good bonus thing is that you could also use the cutter and clipper feature so that you could trim and merge your video into desirable parts. All of this without the need to install any software, and totally free without any registration!

Here are brief steps of how to use this converter:

1 – Enter the subtleties of the record

In any case the document transformation, you need to begin with the expansion of the focus on the record’s URL onto the given inquiry bar.

2 – Choose the organization

Then, what you need to do is to pick the correct organization wherein you need the document to be changed over in. For this situation, your arrangement will be MP3. Once done, you would then be able to pick the size of the record.

3 – Click ‘Convert’

After you pick the organization, at that point you can tap on the ‘Convert’. It will require a couple of moments for the record to get changed over.

4 – Download and Enjoy

When the document transformation is done, at that point you can download it to your framework. Appreciate the music whenever and anyplace now.


This one is pretty much also a simple YouTube to MP3 converter but here are some of the additional features that are a special plus. In this online converter, you don’t need to open the YouTube tab and search then copy the link. In case your browser engine errors if you open too many tabs, you could just search the YouTube video on and directly convert them. Then there is this thing called Youtube Playlist Download. Just like the name itself, using this feature lets you convert your YouTube playlist and download them. How convenient!

1 – Search and Copy File

For a fast and simple change, you need in any case reordering the URL in the given box on the site. Ensure that you add the correct connection to the focused on the record.

2 – Choose the Output Format

Then, pick the yield design in which you need the record. Here it will be MP3.

3 – Download it

When picked, at that point try to download theMP3 record.

Above are the easiest and most convenient legit converters available online to convert your videos! The basic features provide useful services for video ripping and audio editing so it was really worth it. Knowing that most of those converters do not require money for basic converting, subscribing for a premium account might work if you want additional advanced features to get your media files polished more professionally. Good luck with your creative works!

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