Should I Have a Call Center for My CBD Company?

When you’re running a CBD business, you must take a few extra steps to stand out. For many brands, this means developing new CBD products that address customer needs. For others, it means investing in customer service solutions that make it easier to connect with buyers, set up touchpoints, and make business decisions.

As a business owner, you might wonder if your CBD brand needs a call center to succeed. Whether you’re preparing to scale your business and expand your brand or you’re trying to remedy general customer service concerns, here’s what you need to know about investing in a call center for your CBD business.

Call center software benefits the sales process.

A major component of the customer experience starts within your general sales process. However, if you’re running a smaller business, you might not have the resources to maintain every sales channel. Between social media, your website, and digital advertising efforts, the CBD industry regularly asks business owners to deploy and maintain numerous selling channels. When you stretch your resources too thin, you’re more likely to experience missed calls, communication channel difficulties, and a diminished customer experience. That’s why many CBD brands depend on omnichannel call center technology.

An omnichannel call center helps you juggle multiple contact points within the same system. This enables sales reps to view the entire customer journey instead of segmented data. It also helps you gain insights from your phone calls, live chats, web chats, and contact forms. As a result, an omnichannel contact center helps CBD brands respond faster and more effectively.

In addition, the omnichannel experience gives you a holistic view of your digital channels and enables you to implement omnichannel customer experience metrics to guide your CBD business. By connecting social media, CRM tools, and contact center technology, the omnichannel contact center offers a seamless experience that empowers CBD brands.

An omnichannel contact center solution helps direct inbound calls.

When you’re fielding inbound calls, you want to ensure that customers can easily reach the right agent or contact center representative. For example, say you’ve recently developed a new CBD sleep aid that aims to combine soothing ingredients like chamomile, CBD, and melatonin into a gummy bedtime supplement. An omnichannel contact center offers artificial intelligence (AI) and interactive voice response (IVR); it’s easier to guide customers through automated menus that can help properly direct their calls. That way, your billing department won’t receive calls from buyers that want to know about your sleep aid gummy, and your sales reps won’t receive calls about monthly statements, billing information, or account settings.

Using an omnichannel contact center to set smarter sales and support pathways makes it easier to maintain higher customer satisfaction levels. Even if you still primarily focus on your preferred channel or sales funnel, it’s important to use an omnichannel approach throughout your CBD business. The right contact center software and customer service support platforms help CBD entrepreneurs connect to customers, promote new CBD products, improve customer interactions, and encourage repeat business. In addition, a multichannel contact center gives you greater control over your CBD brand. On top of this, it’s sensible to use an omnichannel call center if you intend to expand your business, scale your brand, or invest in industry partnerships that could drive customer demand and service requests.

Use the right tools for your CBD business.

While not every CBD business necessarily needs contact center technology, almost every CBD business can benefit from an omnichannel call center. Whether you’re promoting the effects of CBD or you’re trying to connect with customers about a new CBD bath bomb, omnichannel technology can empower your team members to connect with customers and improve touchpoints.

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