SEO Guide From Beginner To Expert

SEO (search engine optimization) is an art to display your website on the first page of Google. SEO helps your website to come under the top results of Google search. Some people think only a good outlook of the website is enough to reach people. But the scenario works differently when it comes to the World Wide Web. SEO is a tool that can help you out to reach under the top results of Google search. And it is obvious that when people will see your website on the first page of the search engine they will visit it.

You must be wondering how SEO works and what to become a Perth SEO Expert. No worries, this article will help you out with all your queries. To attain success in the field of SEO you have to work in certain fields:

  1. Figure out the need or expectations of customers: The optimization of a website starts with working on the interest of the customer. You need to figure out what the customer is searching for. The best way to figure out is to stick to the idea around which your website revolves. For example, if you own a website of the hotel then people will likely search hotels in XYZ place or best hotels to stay at XYZ place, etc.
  2. Learn about the most searched way of people for your business: Use keywords in your website that people use to search to visit your website. For example, use keywords like best hotels, hotels in XYZ, etc in your website. The keywords help a lot in increasing the ranking of your website. If you use such keywords in your website the people will find your website easily. You should also go through the famous websites to figure out the keywords and how to use it. Do not copy as whole but take an idea for your website and work accordingly.
  3. Also, use the keywords in your title tag. This helps to optimize the website to a great extent. It is highly recommended to use the keywords in the meta tag too. You should also figure out the other ways people perform searches. If you face problems regarding finding keywords then you can contact the SEO experts or hire freelance SEO experts.

The SEO experts have great knowledge about the keywords that will best suit your website. You can contact them for the best results.

  1. Develop engaging content and topics: Content marketing also comes under SEO. The content also plays a vital role in increasing the rank of your website. The content writers or SEO experts provide you with the best content for your website. The content they provide is engaging and attractive. The engaging and attractive content will drive more traffic to your website. Use the keywords in the content too. The traffic at your website will certainly increase your ranking on search engines. 
  2. Create pages on your website for the optimized search: Keywords research is the first step of SEO. You have to make sure that the person or customer is enjoying the user experience(UX) the website offers. The customer should be satisfied after visiting your website. The content should be properly arranged and aligned. The links provided in the pages should work properly. There should be no unnecessary pop-ups that can annoy the visitor. The arrangements of content and ads should be proper.
  3. Work on URLs: Many people do not focus on the URL of the website. You must know the importance of the URL. The web address of the website’s page sends a signal to the search engine about the related topic. The URL of the site should be simple. The organization of the content should be such that the URL is constructed logically in a readable manner. The URL like is not preferable.
  4. Work on Meta title and description of the website: The search engine uses two specific features of web pages that are Meta tag and title tag. The Meta tag does not show on the web page but it works a lot in SEO. The Meta tag sets the name of the browser tab and then the search engine uses this when showing the page in search results. Meta descriptions are highly important as it affects the click-through rate.
  5. Use headings and subheadings: It is highly recommended to use standard HTML format like h1 to h6. This makes search engines understand the page structure and accordingly it will set the importance of each section. Header 1 should be for the page title that should also include the keywords for the page. Header 2 should be used for the title of main sections of the page, and so on. Also, the header wise division adds an eye-catching look to the visitor and impacts an attractive look to the page. The structured look of the page optimizes the website.
  6. Optimize the images used: Images work great for humans but when it comes to search engines it becomes difficult for them to handle them. To help the search engine understand the image you must use the alt tag. The alt tag should contain the information about the image. WordPress gives you the advantage of a predefined alt tag where you can write about the image or tell what picture tells about.   
  7. Set up the schema for your website: One of the popular ways to improve how your website looks in search results is a schema. You can use the schema to add ratings to your search results. You should first work on tools to generate and test structured data. You can also opt SEO Services in New Delhi ( for the best results.
  8. Work on loading speed: Human, as well as the search engines, prioritizes the loading speed of the websites. If the website takes more than 3 seconds to load the page the person leaves the website. You can use certain tools to check the loading speed of your website and optimize it accordingly. Also, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. Create a sitemap which is an XML file that lists up your all pages of the site. The search engine uses it to find the content and page connection.

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