Security Solutions: Protect your Company from Cyber Attacks

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers once said that there are two types of companies: “those that have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.” His words hit differently today as the new normal thickened cyberattacks, as well as emerging technologies’ new challenges.

Fortunately, companies like Microsoft – who have offered us different microsoft security solutions – are constantly providing us with ways to protect business data.

But, what other means can we fend off cybercriminals from compromising business operations? Let’s find out!

Employee Access to your Data and Information should be Restricted

How can you reduce the chance of human error? Is it through hiring robots for the job? Maybe, but one way to keep security within the company is through proper accessibility.

Yes, limiting access to the company’s sensitive information decreases the risk of human error. Not having restrictions can result in unwanted mistakes.

Imagine what it is like for your employees to have access to everything. I don’t want to picture that out!

So, just give employees access to what they need on their specific jobs.

Meanwhile, some businesses use microsoft security solutions to give both users and administrators access to apps and data.

With Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you can manage only approved users to have access to restricted systems.

Speaking of systems, you don’t want to miss any new updates – here’s why.

Update the Operating Systems and Software on a Regular Basis

Please bear this in mind: If you don’t regularly patch and upgrade all apps on every computer used by your employees, every new app will open the door to a cyber assault.

Delaying downloading operating system updates also deprives you of tasting the fruit of enhanced security features.

For instance, think about Microsoft for a moment. In January of 2020, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7. What does that mean for people who haven’t had their upgrade yet?

They are bound to get hacked!

Keep in mind that software vendors are not obligated to provide security updates for items that are no longer supported.

So, if you don’t want your company to get compromised, hurry up and don’t delay updates.

Software and Hardware Firewalls Should be Installed and Activated

If you haven’t heard about firewalls yet, then you’re not closely paying attention to cybercriminals.

Firewalls can protect workers from malicious hackers and prevent them from visiting inappropriate websites. Firewall systems should be installed and updated on any employee’s computer, smartphone, and networked unit.

Another thing you may want to look at – aside from using a cloud service provider (CSP) or a virtual private network (VPN) – you may also want to consider installing an intrusion detection/prevention system (IDPS) for added protection.

Use Encryption for Sensitive Business Information

Using full-disk encryption to protect all of your computers, tablets, and smartphones. Separate your encryption password or key from your backups and store it somewhere secure.

How can you do that? Let’s consider this situation.

To decrypt an email, the receiver usually requires the same encryption capabilities as the sender. Never submit the password or key along with the encrypted document in the same email. Give it to them over the phone or in another way.

Protecting your business takes more than just one person to work. Each employee should be trained to cope up with the ever-changing scene of security threats.

But, the ability to know that there are looming cybercriminals out there is a great step for prevention and counter actions.

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