SAP Business One Licensing: Understanding the Basics

There is intense competition in every sector and small and medium enterprises are placed in a vulnerable situation due to this, however SAP Business One, a ERP software can help them deal with the competition. As SAP Business One is enterprise ready and has many features, one tends to think that SAP Business One pricing is high, however it is one of the most affordable ERP solutions that can cater to the different departments which include finance, purchasing, operations, sales and service.

SAP Business One has the following important components

·       License Server: It manages the licensing request and installation can be done on any computer in the company

·       License File: It is generated by the SAP on request and has the details of the license you have purchased and other relevant information.

·       External API: It enables partners and the third parties to get the information from the license servers using the public interface.

SAP B1 is a named user licensing model where every license is given a specific user name which can be a employee of the company, a subsidiary, a third party business who are authorized to use the licensed SAP B1 software.

SAP Business One can has the following licensing models

·       One time Licenses: In this type of license you can pay the upfront cost, you could purchase a perpetual license which may be suitable as per your company’s strategic objective

·       License As a Subscription: Here you need to do annual renewal of SAP Business One license subscription

In case of localized licenses:

·       If the company is using SAP Business One in only one country, then the license is generated for that specific country, customer would be able to create or access SAP B1 belonging to that localization only

·       If the company is using SAP Business One in many countries, then every location will be having a different database set for different localization.

SAP Business One is a ERP software that has been developed by the SAP for the small and medium enterprises which can help the small companies improve on their efficiency and improve on the productivity with the same or minor increase in inputs. With increased efficiency the costs go on a downward trajectory and the profitability of the company increases making the bottom-line of the company look better for the investors.

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