Rolex Oyster Perpetual: 6 Best Self-Winding Watches in the Market

The Oyster Perpetual is one of the most renowned watch series of Rolex. It is perhaps a collection of the best self-winding timepieces in the market. Well, who does not want a Rolex? Everyone knows the reputation of this luxury timepiece brand. To know more about them, here are some of Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual watches right now. Here are some of the best timepieces that you should check out! 

  • The 124300-0003 Oyster Perpetual Blue Dial Men’s Watch

This men’s watch from the Oyster Perpetual series is one of the best Rolex models in the market today and perhaps the most expensive one on the list, costing $8,369 on Watchshopping. It comes in a round-shaped 41 mm stainless steel casing protected by a sapphire crystal front cover.

The 124300-0003 also boasts an astrictive dial with a stunning blue finish, luminous index hour markers, and silver-tone hands with luminous-filled tips. Plus, it offers 10 bars of water resistance and equips the excellent Rolex Caliber 3230 with self-winding movements and about three days of power reserve.

  • The 276200-0004 Oyster Perpetual Pink Dial Ladies Watch

The 276200-0004 is an exquisite ladies’ timepiece from the Oyster Perpetual series. It incorporates a brushed pink dial with luminous index hour markers and hands covered by a sapphire crystal front protection. The casing and bracelet of this watch are made from stainless steel with a round-shaped design.

This Oyster Perpetual ladies’ watch undoubtedly looks elegant and stunning, but it also comes with many satisfying inside features. It has a reliable resistance to water and excellent power reserve hours. Plus, it runs an automatic Rolex caliber with such precision and accuracy. This timepiece is available for $7,899 on Watchshopping.

  • The 115200/3 Oyster Perpetual Black Dial Men’s Watch

This Rolex men’s watch from the legendary Oyster Perpetual series comes with an attractive classic aesthetic design. Its beautiful black dial displays a cyclops lens over the date window, luminous silver-toned appliques, all covered by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protection. Plus, the dial is fitted in a round-shaped stainless steel casing with a diameter of 34 mm.

The Oyster Perpetual 115200/3 is equipped with the legendary Caliber 3135, giving precise self-winding movements, two days of power reserve, 10 bars of water resistance, and 31 jewels. This exquisite luxury timepiece is available online at the Watchshopping’s website for a price of $7,099.

  • The 114200-0020 Oyster Perpetual Purple Grape Dial Unisex Watch

If you had enough silver and gold-designed watches, this timepiece is the best for you. It comes with a stunning purple grape dial with a sunburst finish, luminous index hour markers, and steel hands, all protected by a sapphire crystal placed in a stainless steel casing with a diameter of 34 mm.

The 114200-0020 from the Oyster Perpetual collection is made to satisfy both men and women. It is water-resistant for up to 10 bars, has a power reserve that can last for up to two days, and equips a 31-jewel self-winding caliber. This excellent-looking unisex watch is for sale on Watchshopping for $6,449.

  • The 114200/21 Oyster Perpetual Champagne Dial Unisex Watch

If you are satisfied with the purple grape-dialed timepiece above, then check out this one. The 114200/21 comes with a sophisticated sunburst-finished champagne dial with luminous silver-toned appliques fitted in a 34-millimeter Oystersteel casing with a sapphire crystal front cover.

Besides its world-class aesthetics, this Oyster Perpetual watch also offers an outstanding 31-jewel 3130 Caliber with precise perpetual and mechanical self-winding movements. It even comes with approximately two days of power reserve and 10 bars of water resistance. You can order this unisex timepiece for $6,449 on Watchshopping.

  • The 277200-0001 Oyster Perpetual Silver Dial Ladies Watch

The last Rolex watch on the list is dedicated to please any ladies all over the globe. It incorporates a simple yet terrific silver dial with gold index hour markers and hands covered by a sapphire crystal. Its casing is made from stainless steel casing with a diameter of 31 millimeters.

Any woman out there would love to wear the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 277200-0001 as it incorporates sophisticated aesthetics. But it does not end here. This ladies’ timepiece also offers 10 bars of water resistance and equips a 31 jewel self-winding Caliber 2232. You can get a hold of this for $6,439 online on Watchshopping.


After knowing how exquisite and luxurious Rolex Oyster Perpetual timepieces are, what else are you waiting for? Grab one now on the Watchshopping’s website and enjoy every moment of wearing one of the flagship models of the best watch brand in the world, Rolex.

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