Release the Burden of Tier 1 Help Desk

The purpose of a help desk support in any company is to provide advice or help on subject matters that are related to the company’s products and services. The help desk team either provides help via email, phone or ticket system. You can outsource this service from a third party and release the burden on your staff already swamped with countless tasks. 

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What is Tier 1 Help Desk?

Help desk or technical support is actually a service which is provided to all the users of technology services or products. It is also known as IT support, service desk or help desk. It is a very important part of customer service. The team at this level helps solve issues of all of your frustrated customers. 

They are the ones who help your company gain loyal customers. Most of the time new companies start out with only one tier of customer support system but with time as they grow, they tend to require more than one tier support system. We are here to talk about tier 1 help desk. It is the first level of support system.

The staff at this stage have a basic understanding of the company’s products and services and know a few ways to solve the issues that are brought to them. They solve these issues by accessing the information kept in the technical knowledge base. If there is an issue that they can’t solve they raise a ticket and forward it to the next tier of help desk.

Outsourcing Tier 1 Help Desk   

Hiring a third party for providing technical support is among the most widely used form of outsourcing. Although help desk outsourcing is most of the time discussed in financial terms, its impacts are broader than that. If you outsource it for internal support, it could impact productivity. On the other hand, if you use it for customer service, it could help you gain satisfied customers. 

The potential of outsourced help desk is huge, for better and for worse, both. That’s why it is important to make a wise selection. 


  • Help desk outsourcing will reduce fixed costs and thus boost the company’s return-on-investment.
  • By outsourcing the help desk you free up the management’s time to focus on other core areas to improve the company’s stance in the market. 
  • The help request volume of the help desk can vary from time to time for various reasons. Outsourcing increases your capacity to handle these changes with grace. 
  • The outsourcing company will keep its services updated since they specialize in these services.  


  • There is always the concern of losing certain nuances when you outsource a service.
  • If the outsourced team is not professional enough, your company could end up leaving a bad impression on the customers. 

Final Words

If you want your business to succeed, a good help desk in not just “nice to have”, it is a necessity. About 95% of the companies that once outsource help desk wish to maintain or increase the level of this service. It helps increase customer satisfaction and run core business operations smoothly.

It may even optimize your company’s operating costs via automation, consumption based pricing models, labor arbitrage and process efficiencies. Moreover, you can focus well on innovation at pressing times since your internal IT talent will be free. 

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