Reasons For A Sudden Rise In Online Gaming

What is a better escape from reality than online games?

You can leave all your worries and the real world behind. All you have to do is dive into the world of fantasies and warlords. There would be hardly anyone who can say that they haven’t played games like bubble poppers.

With a boom in the industry, people come up with new strategies to gain more attention. They’re trying to eradicate one of their major issues, which is age parity. Organizations create games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

If you want to know why the industry is booming or planning to invest in it, then continue reading.

Youtube streaming

Though this trend started way back, it’s still prevalent till date. Furthermore, its popularity is only going to soar higher and higher. Experts don’t predict its downfall in the near future.

People set up their consoles and webcams to become famous overnight. They spend millions of dollars to increase their subscribers. On various portals, these subscribers can also send them money or gifts.


You open any article on Google, and you’ll be bombarded with ads. People make them as lucrative as possible to attract more clients.

Companies also take the money and promote other games. They make it compulsory to watch it for at least 30 seconds. To remove those ads, you need to pay some amount.

Mobile games

The availability of phones has made it very accessible for gaming companies to expand their reach. So now, they focus on making most games compatible with mobiles.

Faster the internet, the better the experience. That makes people want to indulge more and explore the world of gaming. This, in turn, benefits the telecommunication providers as well.

New technology

Whenever the companies want to create an uproar in the market and gain more revenue, they come out with new devices that are loaded with so many possibilities.

Organizations also keep adding new updates to their already existing devices. This is done only to give a little preview of all the exciting things that can be done on new devices.


Everyone loves free stuff!​​

You can download most of the games for free from the app store. However, if you want to enjoy their premium stuff, you’ll have to pay a reasonable amount for that.

Moreover, people like to play gambling games like poker on their phones. So when you log in, you automatically get a designated amount to go with it. Then later you can buy more if you wish to continue.


Many gaming companies have started a new trend. They try to add a touch of localization in their games. This makes the player feel a sense of familiarity and belonging.

Moreover, this makes the whole gaming experience more intense and worth your while. They also plant little easter eggs that only pro gamers are able to spot.

Boom of esports

These days esports are treated just like normal sports. You have competitions and championships. So people play games to hone their skills and get better.

Gamers can earn millions if they win any competition. Through these events, various companies can promote their newly launched products. So they invest a lot in these events.


In this lockdown, people have become extremely creative and try to find ways to keep themselves occupied. Some people preferred art while others tried their hand at gaming.

There would hardly be anyone who hasn’t played games on their phones to pass the time. Everyone has the one game on their mobile that they don’t play anymore. But it comes in handy during boring lectures or while waiting for their friend who is always running late.

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