Rain Accident Auto Body Repairs

Common Vehicle Repairs Following An Accident That Has Occurred In The Rain

More car accidents occur when it is raining than they do in any other type of weather. Drivers should always use extreme caution when driving during the rain. They should be especially careful if it is dark. Safe vehicles that have all-wheel or four-wheel drive still must be driven with care as they can hydroplane or skid.

Have you been in an accident in the rain? If so and your car needs repairs, here is information about the types of repairs needed following a rainstorm.

Hood and Fender Damages

These are caused by a collision with another vehicle or other object. The impact can damage the hood, the fenders, the grille, or the front assembly which also includes the bumper and radiator support. Consider this the basic housing for the vehicle’s firewall of protection.

Hydroplaning Rollovers

These accidents can damage the hood, the roof, doors, and the trunk. If the car skidded it could have been forced off the road and damage could have been done to the undercarriage as well. Sometimes mechanical damage is done during rollovers. For anyone who has slid into the rear of another car, you will also experience damage on the front end. The engine could be damaged in serious collisions.

Rear Skids

Rear-end skids can cause bumper, trunk, and back fender damage. The transmission is susceptible to being damaged along with the undercarriage.

If you have experienced a rain-caused accident, bring your vehicle to a qualified auto body expert. Get an estimate for the repair. We have a team of expert technicians at Art’s Auto Body and Paint Shop who have lots of experience in post-rain accident repairs. Give us a call or email us now to learn more about how you can get your vehicle in for an estimate and a professional repair.

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