Questions An Insurance Adjuster Asks After a Car Accident 

Car accidents can leave a severe impact on the victim as well as their families. From physical injuries to losing income, coping with the financial, physical, and emotional burden following the accident can be challenging. Therefore, after the accident, you can file a car accident claim. 

Filing a claim when the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence can help you get some relief with financial compensation. However, the insurance adjuster will reach you shortly after your accident. In most cases, the adjuster will try to collect information from you before you get a chance to speak to a lawyer. 

If you proceed without a lawyer, there are chances that the insurance company can trick you and lower your compensation. You can get a free consultation from the best lawyer and ensure you get successful compensation! 

Does the insurance company have limits when asking you questions?

Yes. The insurance company has the right to ask you about the details of your accident. However, you have the right to deny answering unless you speak to an attorney. Additionally, the insurance adjuster cannot ask you for your personal details or ask for your social media messages or activities. 

Questions the insurance adjuster will ask you? 

Insurance adjusters are trained employees that work for the insurance company’s interest. Therefore, they tend to ask tricky questions to lure victims into their trap. Remember, every answer you give to the insurance adjuster will be used against you, which is why you should be careful while answering every question. While every case differs from the other, the questions asked can also differ. However, some of the common questions you will be asked include: 

  • What are the injuries you sustain from the accident?
  • How are you doing now?
  • What does your medical report say about your injuries?
  • Did you report the accident to the police?
  • How do you think the accident happened?
  • How many days did you take leave from your work due to your injuries?
  • What is the other property damage you incurred?
  • What is the evidence you have collected after your accident?

Speak to an attorney

The insurance adjuster knows how to trap you, which is why it is essential to work under their guidance. Your attorney can assist you in answering questions carefully and ensure you do not harm your claim. Furthermore, they will help negotiate with the insurance company, so you get maximum compensation for your claim. 

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