Prepare for the JEE Advanced to get 350+ marks & Join IITs?

Every IIT aspirant wants a perfect answer to a very important question namely how to prepare for the JEE Advanced to get 350+ marks. More than 2 lakhs candidates appear for 10,998 seats in the 23 IITs annually. Thus, it becomes very important to make a perfect plan in order to excel in the examination. The preparation strategy for JEE Advanced should be made in such a way that the entire syllabus of the examination is covered on time.

Given below are some of the preparation tips for scoring 350+ marks.

  1. Know the syllabus and the examination pattern- The first step for preparation for JEE Advanced is to have a clear understanding of the examination pattern and a thorough knowledge of the syllabus. Once you know the syllabus, divide it according to your class 11 and class 12 syllabus to become easy to study. Also, you should know the number of questions that are asked in the exam, time duration and level of difficulty of questions to reach a step closer towards cracking JEE Advanced.
  2. Make a plan- A good plan for preparing an examination helps students allot their time into manageable units. This is the most important tip for cracking JEE Advanced. Divide the topics into class 11 and class 12 and then into weak and strong topics. Strong topics need to be revised while the weak ones need to be studied to become strong. Plan as per the weightage of the topics and plan your JEE Advanced preparation till the last month. Stick to this plan religiously.
  3. Proper time management- Make use of your time properly. Proper time management is one of the important tools that will help in coming out with flying colors. Make every day fruitful in your preparation.
  4. Practice- Practice is the key to success. Keep practicing JEE Advanced question papers and also the JEE Advanced mock test papers. Practicing helps keep track of your preparation level and helps in taking corrective measures if required. After completing a chapter, attempt the test on it, analyze the result and take corrective measures if needed. With much practice, one can improve one’s method of scoring 350+ marks in JEE Advanced.
  5. Evaluate yourself- Try to evaluate yourself every day. Check how much you have studied in a day and then accordingly make your plan. No two people or all days are similar. So, your plan might vary day-wise.  Check how many hours you have put in a day and how much you have studied during that time. Just check if you have misused your time which can otherwise be utilized for preparation, revision etc. 
  6. Maintain good health- It is said that health is wealth. Indeed, it is so. Only when a person is healthy can one be productive and have healthy thoughts. Healthy thoughts will then turn into healthy actions which will result in healthy fruits. So, one should keep oneself fit and healthy by doing regular exercise and taking a proper diet.
  7. Keep calm and cool- Practicing the art of meditation and mindfulness helps in strengthening our minds. So, candidates need to keep aside a few minutes in the morning for meditation and pranayama and some simple yoga asanas.
  8. Keep away from distractions- Try to avoid distractions in any form like social and entertainment media.
  9. Inspirational figures and stories- Read or watch interviews of previous toppers, what made them successful, their values etc. Keep your mind open and learn from them.

Here is wishing you all the best for your exam preparation!

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