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A plumber is a professional who has gained expertise in installing and maintaining pipes for compact water supply. They provide supervision for the drainage and wastewater systems.

What are the duties of a plumber?

1. Accessing And understanding drafts and specifications for regulating the formation of the water supply, sewage and venting systems.

2. Determining and marking the arrangement for pipe connections, passage tunnels and installations in walls and ground.

3. Recognizing defects in plumbing apparatus and systems. Properly analyzing the causes and the defects.

4. Installing, mending and sustaining household, commercial and manufacturing plumbing fixtures and systems.

5. Calculating, trimming, folding and threading pipes with the help of tools and machinery.

6. Connecting pipes and fittings with the help of fusing methods, compression fittings, interviewed fittings and push-on fittings.

7. Examining pipes for dripping and other faults using plumbing gauges.

8. Maintaining safety at all times.

9. Fulfilling the given standards and regulations.

Skills required for becoming a plumber.

1. Physical strength and manual mastery:-A plumbing job requires you to deal with heavy-duty pipes and tools in a cramped space. For this purpose, you must have physical strength. Having physical strength helps you to handle huge pipe fittings steadily and fix small parts simultaneously. You must have the ability to work in small spaces and cleanse sewage pipes. You must have the physical strength to carry and fit huge electronics like refrigerators, water geysers, dishwashers, etc. And fix pipe connections for the same. You must have good knowledge about manual plumbing work and the use of various tools for different purposes. You should be ready to work in threatening, noisy and inconvenient situations.

2. Technical and mechanical skills:-As a plumber, you will have to deal with water pressures and various plumbing systems. Training is given for this purpose in many educational institutes and workplaces. A plumber must have the technical and mechanical skills required along with some experience in the field to get a good plumbing job. Having mechanical and technical skills will allow you to use algebra, geometry and Hydronics when required. It helps you to select the correct tools for the correct purpose. It helps to know which part of the pipe is leaking and how to fix it. It enables you to create blueprints and pressure tests on pipes and other plumbing machinery.

3. Basic decision making and problem-solving skills:-The plumbing job requires a plumber to make important decisions regarding the use of various tools and plumbing systems. Generally, as a plumber, you will work alone with very little to no help during the work. Soyou will have to make every decision on your own. For this purpose, you must have good decision-making skills. For effectively and constructively fixing faults and defects. And Detecting faulty plumbing systems or machinery, you must have good problem-solving skills. These skills help you to plan the budget for repairing, installing and maintaining the plumbing systems. It is beneficial to create layouts and drafts for the plumbing projects.

4. Business and management skills:-As an independent freelancer, you must possess certain business and administration skills. These skills help you to fulfil the necessary paperwork and budget for a project. It helps you to negotiate contracts and expertly handle money matters. These skills are beneficial for you to appoint laborers for work and promote your business as well. This helps you to optimise your independent venture.

5. Conformity skills:-As a plumber, you are given a set of rules and regulations to follow. For this purpose, you must have conformity skills. Moreover, all the safety measures and regulations must be followed to make sure that you are safe, and the plumbing service you provide is safe and reliable.

6. Other basic skills:-After intense mechanical and technical training, you must have basic skills like soft skills. Soft skills help you to effectively communicate and cooperate with your organization and the people working in it. Some skills included in the soft skills are adhering to rules and regulations, coordinating with your coworkers, having good promotion and marketing skills, providing the finest customer services, providing the customers with knowledge about the working of different machines and appliances and training your juniors.

Important plumbing tools every plumber must-have.

  • Tool for water pipes:-The tools required for installing and repairing water pipes areHacksaw, pipe trimmers, pliers, illuminants, thread securing tape, etc.
  • Clog cleaning tools:-The clogs found in our basins, bathtubs, industrial machines, etc.are cleaned by tools like Snake machines, hand augers and plungers.
  • Wrenches:-The most important tool, for any plumber, is wrenches. The wrenches used for plumbing areTorque wrench, basin wrench, adjustable scanners, faucet keys, etc.
  • Safety tools:-To maintain safety while performing the plumbing activities, certain safety tools are required. These tools are namely gloves, rubber gloves, heat pads, etc.

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