Play All India Sim Card Whatsapp Imo Lucky Draw With Amitabh Bachchan


The reality game show in Asia is Kaun Banega crorepati. It has a lot of fans not only in India but throughout Asia. Because of its amazing services, Fans become increased on regular basis. The most common and popular lucky draw is All India Sim Card WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw.

The runner of this game is not hidden from anyone he is a Bollywood film industry actor. The show is divided on seasons and episodes base. All the seasons run by Amitabh Bachchan except season 3 which was run by Sharukh khan due to the health problem of Amitabh.

Prize Increase Regularly:

The price of the show is not constant, it changes from one season to another. The change of prize is positive from the beginning. In the very first season, the prize was one crore, after this in season 2 this prize becomes 2 crores. Not only this, the price increases even more to 5 and at last to 7 crores. Play KBC Sim Card Lucky Draw 2021 and change your lifestyle in just few months.

Recent Online Lottery: 

One common reason for fame is that because this game introduced a lottery system and now everyone can easily Check KBC Lottery Online. This is such an easy step that the fans can check it even from home through smartphones. The only requirement for this is an internet connection.

Apart from this, those who have an internet connection are able to play this from home. The current season is completely online procedure because in this situation where covid 19 at the top this game is not possible physically.

Why This Is Called Game Of Luck:

Most people knew this by the name of “game of fortune”. This is because this game has some positive points because of which poor and less educated people also chance to win the amount.

  • People do not need higher education degrees.
  • People do not need a specific certificate.
  • People do not need any type of experience.

These are the points because of which maximum people cannot make more money. Especially when we talk about India where a lot of people are less educated because of low incomes, as they do not afford the school and colleges fees. But now these low-income people are also allowed to participate in the game without any confusion.

If your fate supports you, you too can win a big prize by participating in All India Sim Card WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw.

Basic Winning Method:

As you read above that this is free of any kind of degree so the only method to become successful is to pass the quiz. Yes, this is the quiz base show people are able to win the amount when they successfully pass the quiz.

All those people who know the basics of current affairs, geography, general knowledge, and history can pass this quiz easily. All most of the quiz is depend on these topics when you apply here then read these topics and prepare yourself.

This viva form quiz contains multiple-choice questions. Every single question has four options and a specific time during which you are responsible to correct the answer. Check KBC Lottery Online this is also the facility for the fan now they can check online lottery from any location.

Tax On your Winning Amount:

Most fans fear the tax they do not like tax. So do not fear this because you are responsible to give only 30% tax from your winning amounts. The remaining 70% price is your own, keep in mind that the tax is the government property.

When you correct the questions in the quiz then you become the winner. They directly send all the money to your bank account and you are able to collect this when you want.

Can Everyone Eligible:

This is the point where a lot of fans become disappointed because this game has a fan from all around the world. But only those people are eligible who fulfill the following criteria.

  • Indian legal nationality.
  • Whose age is at least 18 years old.
  • Must have good health.


So it means the people of India can easily apply in All India Sim Card WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw and has a chance to display their name on the winner list. After apply you don’t need to go to the office for your lottery confirmation just Check KBC Lottery Online.

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