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A majority of us spend at least half of our day on our smartphones. The various apps have been designed to keep us hooked onto the screens, especially the social media apps. While scrolling through the endless pages and various profiles, on our feeds, we are fed a constant barrage of content, whether its pictures, videos or just inspirational and motivational quotes, that we may need to carry on with our monotonous and dull lives.

Most of us love it when a picture or video, that we have posted receives hundreds of likes and shares even. More likes and shares equal more followers, which has become major currency today, and a major source of income to many people today, who would not have become famous and rich if not for these kinds of apps.

Features of PixelLab App

PixelLab apk, is a lovely and simple to use app, that was designed in such a user-friendly manner, to make it possible for even the most technologically basic person on the planet to post his or her content in a way that will surely make people fall in love with said content. The premise of this app is very simple. As you open the app, you are given a list of templates to choose from, each with a different type of text. You also have the option of selecting any picture or part of a picture from your gallery or any other file on your device, as a background for your text, or even as a template.

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Once you have selected the template, you just have to double tap the already typed out text box, which makes a dialog box appear. You can type whatever you feel like typing in, and then just press the OK button. Of course, if you are out of inspiration or words to type in, you can easily opt for the generous number of quotes that the app has provided, which include different categories including motivational, success, friendship, happiness, inspiration, positivity and absurd.

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Once you have selected or typed in the text, you can change the style of the text, change the color, texture, opacity and many more. You can even make the text take on a 3D appearance, give it a shadow and even a reflection. In addition to the text, you can also add stickers, import pictures, draw stuff, insert shapes and many more. You are also provided with many tools to change the background, and you can even add special effects to the image you have created such as vignette, noise and stripes. And of course, you are able to change the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of your creation. Visit this site: senorita

Using a heavy application like this may cause performance issues on some devices. You can use Android performance booster application like Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner or AVG Cleaner to optimize your device. Those booster applications can close all unwanted apps and tasks while using the app you wanted. It helps to run applications smoothly and faster.

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