Path of Exile 3.13 Guide: PoE: Ritual (Echoes Of The Atlas) Crafting

(SHORT DESCRIPTION:Path of Exile latest expansion: Echoes Of The Atlas is live now, but how many players acquainted with crafting in this latest league, and if you are not familiar with that, just keep reading and we will show you the crafting in PoE: 3.13 expansion, also known as Path of Exile: Ritual. )

As you can see that the new Path of Exile 3.13 league named Ritual has already successfully been out for a few weeks now, and a lot of players are at the point where they are looking to make some of the top-end gear for their own  characters. However, if you are a new comer,  well, you might be struggling with how exactly to make that happen. As you know there are a variety of methods to craft in Path of Exile, and judging on what you really want to make, you will want to approach it a different way. In some certain scenarios, you will want to just avoid it completely and just buy them with PoE currency! Right now, we are going to go over the main methods to craft in our Path of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas crafting guide, and here are some examples to show if they are right for you or not.

The very first question is: Should I Be Chaos Spamming In Path Of Exile?

As you can see that Chaos Orbs completely reroll an item. As a matter of fact, they are the quick and quite easy methods to search for an brand new set of stats, of course, on the very same base. They are also almost always using the wrong thing. They are definitely too freaking expensive for the complete lack of control that they give. You will almost always get a much better result out of purchasing essences, fossils, or just waiting for rerolls from Harvest by using Path of Exile Currency, rather than just throwing your Chaos orb at an item. Not much else need to say over here. Unless you are now in SSF, or just looking to blow some money, then I highly suggest that you’d better not do it.

The second question is: When Should I Be Using Alterations For Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas Crafting In-Game?

On the other hand, Alterations, generally speaking, are the correct method to go about crafting the base for your item. That mainly depends on what you are searching for. And if you really need a very specific, and quite rare modifier, then you should know that alteration spamming is an easy method to achieve that. However, you should remember, if you find the modifier you want, from that point, the most you could have on that item is just three normal modifiers — as you can see, two from a magic item, and one from the Regal Orb to turn it rare, plus crafted modifiers. In some certain cases, you will be fine with that. Let me give you a for instance, my end-game body armor on one of my characters has Spell Critical Chance, Life, Additional Curse, and three crafted modifiers. Or in some quite rare cases, you might only need just one modifier on an item for it to be strong. For example, if you are now using a weapon with the “Enemies have a chance to explode for 5% of their life as fire damage” modifier, you probably only care about hitting that modifier, and then just crafting spell damage onto it.

A lot of players may not know that the best place that Alterations shine, however, is rolling Cluster Jewels. Here comes the fact that Cluster Jewels could only have a maximum of just four stats, being limited to three, in fact, is not a huge loss. Especially for Small and Medium cluster, if you are trying to hit the exact one or two modifiers that you are searching for is not too unlikely, moreover, alteration spamming tends to be the best method to go about it.

The third question is: Which Essences Should I Use For Path Of Exile 3.13 Ritual: Echoes Of The Atlas Crafting?

You guys might not know that essences are essential Chaos Orbs that guarantee one stat. Under a lot of circumstances, you’ll want to use them to generically guarantee life, attributes, or a resistance while you are searching for some other rolls. These really shine on armor pieces where there are several choices that you could hit just in order to make a quite good piece. Let me give you a for instance, if you are rolling with life essences, well, that means you really only need to hit two of the four resistances at decently high tiers for it to be a successful craft. And at an early stage in a league, it’s advisable to throw any decent mid-tier Essence at whichever gear slot you are lacking in. As you can see, at their base level, essences are quite great for getting your gear off the ground.

On the other side, essences could also be some of the highest tiers of crafting, particularly when you are using ones that offer stats the gear could not have otherwise attained. For example, if you are rolling Dexterity essence onto belts, which could otherwise not have Dexterity on them. That could be very expensive, cause you know, you are likely searching for perfect other rolls when you are in that price range. Alternatively, you could be using the four essences that offer their own stats, which are Insanity, Horror, Delirium, Hysteria. Let me give you a for instance, one of the top crafted helmets right now begins by using essences of Horror until you get the Concentrated Effect alongside it. And that is for mid to top-end crafters, and from my perspective, I would not suggest using these essences until you have already properly looked into why you are using them and what results you are searching for.

The fourth question is: How Do Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas Fossils Factor In?

Path of Exile fossils are used when you’re trying to hit specific types of rolls, even though they could be one of the much cheaper methods to hit some very specific rolls too. They offer a method to push random number generator in your favor in ways that other crafting methods lack. Here comes a for instance, I wanted to make a helmet that had +3 to level of socketed minion gems, a very high life roll, as well as nearby enemies take increased fire damage. Well. let’s face it,  that’s going to be really difficult for any other method of crafting, cause they might be able to concentrate on just one stat, however, all three at once is problematic. Which is where fossils come in. Because for you, you can socket up to four fossils just in a single craft just by using resonators, you can push RNG in your favor in multiple directions at once. I was able to hit a strong helmet just in a handful of tries by using Bound, Prismatic, and Scorched fossils to aim each stat that I really wanted. Once you with enough attempts, then you can make some of the most broken gear with fossil crafting. This is particularly true just because of their ability to block off some other types of stats, however, if you’re looking into that, to some extent, means you’re already probably a high-level crafter.

On the other hand, quite similar to essences, they also could be entry-level crafting. And for you, if you are just seeking a generic body armor with a high-energy shield, fossils are a perfect method to push RNG in your favor, rather than just simply Chaos spamming it. They are also very strong at rolling entry-level weapons, cause they let you target physical rolls, or multiple elements.

The fifth question is: What is Harvest Crafting In Path Of Exile: Ritual League?

Path of Exile Harvest is a mechanic added in, well, we usually call that Harvest League. It left for Heist League, however, it is back now, making a debut in our Path of Exile Ritual Crafting Guide. Path of Exile Harvest lets you roll an item guaranteeing certain types of stats. It is incredibly strong, I even can say, that probably the strongest entry-level crafting style in the whole game. This is mainly due to the fact that you could force a variety of stats. Let me give you an example, with my body armor mentioned much earlier, Spell Critical Strike Chance and Additional Curse are the only two caster modifiers on a body armor with Hunter influence. And that means that every time I rolled for caster modifiers, I was guaranteed one of those two stats, and then making rolling the rest of the item incredibly easy, relatively. These crafts could be used at entry-level as just Chaos spamming but with pushes in your direction, or you can use them to force stats as I have already mentioned above. Anyway, Harvest crafting in Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas, you do not have to buy PoE currency at all, that is also a point, and no wonder why this league is getting more and more popular among the MMORPG community.

Apart from that, PoE 3.13 Harvest Crafting also allows for Remove, Augment, and Add/Remove for stats with some specific tags. That is the highest end of crafting right now available in Path of Exile, and it is bloody expensive. This is only used when you already have a powerful item, and there are modifiers remaining that you could force on just by using one of the Harvest Tags. Let me give you a quite easy example, if you have boots with 35% movement speed, 89 life, and Tailwind on critical strike, then you can proceed to make them the perfect boots just by blocking off the last prefix by Augmenting on something that would only be prefixed, for example, Defence, and then Augment on Cold in order to guarantee Cold Resist. Then you could Add or Remove cold until you hit a tier-one roll. You can simply repeat that for any resistance you want, and then making a perfect pair of boots for just yourself. That is quite an easy and base-level example. For one more,  you can use the body armor that I’ve already mentioned a couple of times, if I had Spell Critical Strike Chance and 129 life on it, I could Augment Caster and then force it to gain Additional Curse, cause that is the only other caster modifier available.

If this confused you a lot, do not worry, you are not alone. As you can see, Harvest Crafting is the most complex crafting in the game, and there are a lot of guides out there on using it properly. If you do want to use it much better, then I highly suggest familiarizing yourself with, which lists almost every modifier that each item will have available, as well as their tags. And as you can see, that is invaluable for teaching yourself what Harvest could do.

Last But Not Least: Last Words In Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas:

Sincerely hope this Path of Exile: Ritual Crafting Guide helps you better understand the crafting methods we have available to us today. No matter you are a starter using much lower-tier Essences and Fossils for some powerful starter gear, or just a veteran throwing hundreds of Exalts at Harvest, hopefully, your crafts are successful and you could keep having a blast in Path of Exile: Ritual League!

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