Online vs brick and mortar casinos

Casinos come in two main formats: brick and mortar casinos, which are actually real buildings staffed by real people, and online casinos, which are webpages on the internet staffed by well bots. And while some purists will argue that nothing beats playing in a “real casino” the benefits of playing at an online casino are hard to overlook.

For starters, you can play just about any game you want online – from popular slots to obscure table games – whereas land-based casinos really only offer slots and table games. You can also play for free using a demo account where you won’t actually be able to withdraw your winnings, but you can test out the casino’s games before committing any cash. While it is true that online casinos do not have the same real-life atmosphere as something like Vegas, they also offer a lot of other features you can’t get at a physical casino. Games such as the legendary Starburst offer up amazing graphics and gameplay features that make for a very gratifying gaming experience.

In a “real” casino, your options are limited to a single game at a time; at an online casino, you could be playing multiple games at one time from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, most online casinos offer stellar sign-up bonuses that can help you play for free or even win real money without risking any of your own bankroll.

One of the main concerns people have about online casinos is security; they worry that they will be vulnerable to hackers who could actually drain their bankrolls without their knowledge. While this may be true of some casinos (and yes, there have been some unfortunate cases where this has happened) by and large the online casino system is very secure. Not only do they have painstakingly-protective software and resources in place to protect their games, but they also employ regular security audits to ensure that hackers aren’t able to infiltrate the system. Most casinos use an SSL encryption system, which basically means that the data between you and the casino is actually encrypted so that only approved programs can view it. This is very secure and your account information will not be at risk of being hacked or stolen.

In a brick and mortar casino, there’s booze, food, and sometimes even live concerts and movies that you can enjoy along with your gaming. Online casinos don’t have any of that, but there are other distractions you can enjoy while playing slots, including live streams of sporting events (the Superbowl is a popular one), as well as games like blackjack or baccarat where the computer will actually “talk” to you about how well your hands are going.

Of course, there are some instances where going to a physical casino may be preferable to playing online. If you are in Vegas and want to experience the casino mood , for instance, then you’re better off going to a Vegas hotel and playing their games, seeing the lights, enjoying the atmosphere. Or if you want to play a special game that your local casino doesn’t have or some kind of newfangled game that only online casinos offer, then you’re probably better off sticking to your computer.

But in general? If you like to gamble, it makes sense to go with an online casino. If you’re there for a good time, Bellagio offers a better time than your computer screen. But if you’re there for the game, then online casinos are the real deal.

But remember – while online gambling is perfectly legal in many places and is certainly safer than playing in a real-life casino, you should check to make sure that what you want to play is legal where you live. The benefits of an online casino will help you win more often and with less stress, but it won’t protect you from the law!

Online casinos do have their advantages, such as allowing players to demo games for free before wagering actual money or featuring non-stop action since there are no breaks between rounds like in brick and mortar casinos. You can try out free bingo games, slots, and other games too. Online casinos also offer special bonuses for new members.

Online casinos are also a great way to practice for your next spin at a real-life casino. You can play online and then go and visit your local land-based casino to “try out” the experience before committing any real money in the real world.

Online poker is another popular choice, not only because it’s fun to play (though that’s true of almost every game) but because you can play it wherever you want. In fact, there’s an amazing amount of mobile poker sites now that will let you play on your phone wherever you are, 24/7/365 .

At a “real” poker table, you’d be lucky to see one other person play, but online poker is full of action all the time. Online poker rooms even offer special bonuses for new members, which are always a great way to try out a game without risking your bankroll.

Online poker is also perfect for those who aren’t really good at the game and don’t want to risk losing their bankrolls. You can play sit n go tournaments that start when you think you’re ready, and then if you lose it’s no big deal. Bluffing, hand reading , and a whole host of other strategies will help you find your niche in online poker.

Online poker is also a lot faster paced than traditional poker, which can be a good thing because it helps prevent boring games.

A lot of people play online because they are looking for something new to try or are looking for an easier way to enjoy their pastime without having to actually leave home. There are people who don’t like simply sitting down with a game and playing by themselves – they want to get together with others to play games that require strategy and thought.


There’s no question that online casinos are the way to go when it comes to enjoying your favorite games. With easy registration, fast access, and speedy transactions, there is nothing more exciting than exiting a long boring day at work to log into your shiny new account and start playing!

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