Online Slots Explained

Since their inception at around 1990s slot machines have continued evolving and today one can find them in many places; from bars and pubs to casinos and hotels. Click this link now for some of the best online slot games in the world. The rationale behind their popularity is quite straightforward: They are flashy, easy to grasp and can yield huge rewards if you are lucky.

Their popularity online is even higher, as there is a more diverse variety of themes available, better gameplay and the jackpots are continuously rising – since the number of players has rocketed as well.

If you want to go after the jackpot yourself or just spend some fun time on online slots from the comfort of your house, then this is the best place to start. Read below to learn the basics of online slots, such as how you can play, their elements and differences amongst distinct modes.

How to play

Besides the money, the most appealing thing when it comes to slots is their easy to play style. Mainly you just have to hit a button and wait for the outcome, thus, the graphics and storyline must be interesting, so that the player truly enjoys the experience.

The most common characteristic amongst all slot machines are the vertical spinners called ‘reels’, which sequentially stop to form a random series of symbols arranged on each payline. Different combinations yield different rewards, which also vary across distinct slot machines – however I will attempt to cover some elements apparent in most of them.

Progressive Jackpots

The casino deducts a small price from each spin of each user, which is then added together – forming the jackpot; this keeps growing rapidly until someone wins it.


The number of symbols varies greatly across distinct slot machines, as does their type; however, each game usually has about 12 symbols and 2-3 special ones, such as ‘wild’, ‘scatter’ and ‘bonus’.

Bonus Rounds

To win big, the shortest way is to enter a bonus round by matching the special symbols.

Bet Level

Here players must be careful, since the bet refers to what is distributed to each different payline – thus the overall price depends on both the number of paylines (in some machines up to 25) and the amount invested on each.

Return to Player (RTP)

This feature is only available in regards to online slots and refers to the statistical advantage of the casino compared to players. In certain games, casinos have 0 advantage over the player, while the highest the RTP the best for the you.

Paylines – Single or Multi?

Some prefer betting a lower amount of money on each distinct line, but max out the paylines 0- while others focus their whole bet on a much smaller number of paylines. However, ‘scatter’ and ‘bonus’ symbols are commonly triggering rewards or mini-games independently to whether they are part of the paylines selected by the player.

Play Responsibly

The above is a guide to transform your dull nights, by turning your living room into a flashy casino on the click of a button; however, keep it fun by playing responsibly.

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