Online checkout system: features and principle of operation

Online checkout system is a terminal that implements the principle of using a fiscal memory device instead of a tape. This device performs the functions of recording data and their further sending to the tax office.

How the online checkout system works

The algorithm used by the online checkout system is as follows:

  • Having received funds from the client as a cash or non-cash payment, the operator enters information about the transaction into the online cashier in real-time and prints a check on paper.
  • The drive records the information entered, signs the check and transfers the data to the fiscal service. If there are any issues with the data transmission channel (Internet outage or connectivity issue), checks can be stored in the fiscal drive for 30 days.
  • And after that, the fact of receipt and verification of the check is confirmed by the tax authority. The information received is stored for further transmission to the fiscal service, which is carried out once a day.
  • At the request of the client, the check can be sent to him in electronic form to the subscriber number in an SMS message or by e-mail.

The scheme of online cash registers is extremely simple and transparent. With the help of this system, the state solves the issue of increasing the efficiency of business control, facilitating the work of tax officials and creating an opportunity to receive reliable information about the legality of business activity by check.

Benefits of online checkout system

The introduction of a mandatory online checkout system for businesses is beneficial to both sellers and buyers. The list of benefits of online cash register equipment for consumers includes the following factors:

  • The risk of acquiring counterfeit products is reduced to zero.
  • Purchase information, if desired, can be obtained by e-mail or SMS.
  • There is no need to store paper receipts as the data is stored electronically.
  • Possibility of cashless payment for purchases.

Among the advantages of online checkout systems for a seller are the following:

  • When you connect an acquirer, you can receive non-cash payments.
  • The manufacturers themselves are responsible for the maintenance of online checkout systems.
  • The ability to register, re-register and deregister equipment online.
  • A personal account gives access to a wide range of functionality: analysis of purchases, construction of analytics and forecasts to form a new strategy for effective business development.
  • You no longer need to undergo an annual check of online checkout system equipment at the tax office.Read more about: 7starhd

All expenses of the entrepreneur for the purchase of equipment and organization of the cashier’s workplace will be justified by the advantages of using an online checkout system.


In order to choose the right equipment for an online checkout system, you should familiarize yourself with the existing varieties:

  • Autonomous online checkout systems do not need to be connected to a computer. They are ready to go, and with a built-in battery, they can be mobile.
  • The fiscal registrar must be connected to a computer with a cash register program installed on it.
  • A POS system is a set of equipment commonly used in large enterprises.
  • Online checkout system for an online store allows you to send electronic checks to customers.

Having decided on the type of equipment, you can choose a specific model for the online checkout system.

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