New Technology Emerging At Online Casinos

There are some key industries where technology is being taken to new levels. Online casinos, for example, are key to pushing forward the tech industry in interesting new directions. If you didn’t already know, the current smoothness of online transactions is thanks largely to early work done by online casinos. But swift online transactions are just the beginning. The online casino sector is pushing forward a number of other tech innovations, including blockchain, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Let’s take a closer look.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

The virtual reality (VR) sector has had a bumpy ride. You may remember, depending on how old you are, that VR first hit the tech scene in the early 90s. It was an exciting time, but VR as a whole went into a slumber after only a few years. Not because the tech was dead, mind you, but simply because a leap in development was necessary for the hardware to truly shine.

VR saw its inevitable resurrection not long ago, giving us a whole new wave of lighter, better-quality headsets. The tech has seen decent success since its return, though still has room to improve. That’s where casinos come in.

Online casinos are always on the lookout for new ways to increase engagement, and there is no better way than with VR and augmented reality (AR.) Hence, many online casinos are looking into adopting the tech, letting players explore online casinos in a whole new way. It remains to be seen how exactly AR and VR are integrated at casino sites, but the early stages of development are looking promising. No doubt, with online casino resources backing VR development there’s soon going to be something special.

Blockchain Revolution

While perhaps not as initially dazzling as VR, blockchain is an enormously important online technology. But what exactly does blockchain do, for those of us that don’t speak nerd?

In a nutshell, blockchain creates an online payment network that is virtually impossible to hack. Let’s face it, cybercrime is still a problem, with instances of online theft still occurring on a fairly regular basis. Online casinos like Casino Grand Bay go to great lengths to keep players safe, though at a great cost of time and resources. So what if there was a solution that made cybercrime a thing of the past?

Blockchain is that solution, and as it becomes more widely available it won’t be long before cybercriminals are left with nowhere to hide. Many online casinos are now adopting blockchain, ushering in an era where we’ll all feel a lot safer transacting online.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage at the moment, with virtually every tech industry in the world singing its praises. But, while some tech industries are adopting AI as a means to boost interest, it is online casinos that are helping to push the tech to the next level. Some, if not all online casinos already use AI to some degree, even if on the most basic levels. However, the development of new casino AI tech is going full steam ahead.

The biggest push at the moment is in the customer support and gamification sectors. Looking closer at customer support, AI systems handle much of the workload at some sites. When players ask for help in live chat, they initially talk to an AI, even if they don’t know it. At a point where the AI can no longer help a human takes over the conversation.

In the gamification department AI systems now often handle the overall experience of players. AI learns which games players like, tracks where a player spends most of their time, then offers suggestions on how the player can have more fun. It’s the dawn of an exciting new era where AI helpers are always standing by to make time spent at an online casino the best it can possibly be.

Big Data Systems

Big data, AI and gamification all go hand in hand. Big data refers to the gathering, processing and utilisation of information regarding player activity at online casinos. It is, of course, enormously helpful to learn how players spend their time at an online casino. Data collection itself isn’t new, but the processing of that information into useful statistics is. Hence, big data is now a big part of most online casinos.

It is the big data process that AI systems use to make suggestions, creating a system that is tirelessly working to keep players happy. Needless to say, other industries are fast adopting similar strategies, but it is online casinos that are refining the approach.

Mobile App Integration

Virtually every online casino doing business right now has a mobile app version of its site. This only makes sense, given that the vast majority of us now spend much of our time staring at our phones. But, do you understand just how far online casinos have pushed flawless mobile app integration and flexibility? There are hundreds of different phone models these days, each with different specs and varying degrees of performance. Yet you’ll find it difficult to install an online casino app on a phone and find that that the app doesn’t work. Why? Because online casinos are masters at creating apps that work on just about anything.

More to the point, online casino phone apps are often completely interchangeable with their desktop computer counterparts. The same games will work on both platforms, nearly indistinguishably, and you can even use the same account on both platforms. This may sound trivial but it certainly isn’t. An enormous amount of research, time and development went into making this possible.

Forging Ahead

We are just at the beginning of online casinos pushing tech to new heights. VR and AR have a bright future ahead, blockchain is still only now being adopted, and mobile phones still have a long way to go. How online casino advance, and how they use new tech remains to be seen. There is no question that, as this tech continues to evolve, it will be online casinos leading the charge.

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