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Surveys conducted worldwide indicate two areas where most people indulge in are communication and photography. And the most popular devices used are the smartphone and camera respectively. This is the very reason why endless technological development and new innovations take place continuously in these two industries giving endless options with sophisticated features all made easy to be used. And now the best that could happen has happened.

The innovation of camera apps that can be installed in smartphones. This has made almost everyone in the world clicking away with their smartphone cameras and photography has become just a casual happening. However casual it is with technological advancement the outcome of it, your images comes out with quality. On the contrary in the by gone era’s where smartphones were not in use photography was formal.

One had to plan on a date and time to take photos as the camera was a separate device which was not in the hands of the people all the time like a smartphone. Then cameras were expensive, and most people could not financially afford a quality camera. Hence had to rely on someone who owned an Android camera. In the current context Isn’t it hard to believe that photography was so exclusive. In this era, it isn’t with the availability of a smartphone camera app. Namely Moto Camera 2. With this app in your smartphone gives one the liberty and freedom to capture super quality images at anytime, anyplace, with anyone formally or informally. Here is why one should settle for Moto Camera 2:

Features of Moto Camera 2

Moto Camera 2 is in integration with none other than Google photos. And your photos wouldn’t come out any better. Never miss out on a capture where quick reaction is needed.  Casually aim then with ease click on the camera. This feature is possible with the quick capture mode.

Don’t have to worry about the settings for that best picture. Moto 2 will auto adjust to suit the conditions to make sure the image captured will have all the ingredients to make it, that perfect photo with all its goodness. With the Best Shot mode many images of one capture will take place and the device will then pinpoint with an icon the best image out of the lot. This is possible with Moto 2 intelligence of detecting flaws like an eye blink, any unnecessary objects, that will spoil the photo. With editing various additions and deletions options are made available.

Bring in the thrills and excitement and leave these memorable events to Moto Camera 2 to do the job. Wondering why you did not settle in for Moto Camera 2 App before? Don’t worry its not too late to make Moto Camera 2 your favourite camera you ever knew and used.

Install Camera app on Android TV and Fire TV

You can’t use this Moto Camera on Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. Because it may not fully support web camera you connect with your TV box. However, there are many supporting Android camera applications like better camera, MX Camera, B612, Open Camera, etc. In order to install any of those Android camera applications you have to use third party Android TV apps installer like AppLinked or FileSynced. Best choice will be FileSynced.

It is hard to find FileSynced store that has those camera applications. You can try searching FileSynced code for B612 on internet. If you are not able to find any, then you can create your own store and upload camera apk files. Then you can install your favourite camera app on your TV box using FileSynced.

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