Most Influential Home Decor Instagram Accounts for Getting the Right Dose of Design Inspiration for Your DIY Home Renovation Projects

Going through interior design magazines for design inspiration is a thing of the past. Today, you must be looking for home décor and interior design inspiration online especially, on Instagram, the image-sharing app. Are you someone who loves to do things on your own? Do you enjoy designing your home on your own? Start looking for design inspiration from top home décor accounts on Instagram. However, you do not need to spend valuable time on hashtag searching since we are here with the top few home décor accounts on Instagram that you could start following for setting your décor aspirations and goals for your home.

Instagram today is indispensable for many because it is a reservoir of ever-evolving knowledge. Critics argue that no other social networking site can keep you informed about the new arrivals and the latest trends in the world of home décor and interior design quite like Instagram. Instagram is the best destination to head for if you are looking for the hottest and the newest products. You may turn to Instagram for innovative DIY projects. It is the best place where you get the opportunity to see all the projects that your hot-favorite interior designers and home décor experts are currently working on. If you are new to Instagram and wish to share your ideas and posts with more people, you may buy likes and comments to broaden your horizon and boost your follower count.


It is the ultimate destination to head for plant lovers. This Instagram account has the power of making you wish to collect all the beautiful plants out there and use them strategically for decorating your home interiors. There are numerous pictures to draw your design inspiration for taking your home décor to the next level.


We know that @crafthunter is the Instagram page of an Australian-based interior design expert who is more of a DIY genius. He has a passion for splashes of colors and everything sweet. According to Huff Post, he certainly deserves likes and appreciation for his home décor page on Instagram.


Those people who are constantly looking for some amazing classic home décor ideas to suit every season may consider checking out the-seasoned-home. This Instagram account is known for showcasing smart design ideas that can easily be pulled off by anyone and everyone with inspiration for every holiday and every season. Learn home décor ideas in tune with the season or with every occasion.

For people who are aspiring for a simple, and clean aesthetic in interior design,, is the best place to head for on Instagram. Christina Higham is a brilliant interior designer based in San Francisco who runs this account and she doesn’t only provide oodles of home décor inspiration, she also, strikes up a valuable discussion about her favorite products like weighted blankets for any simple but stylish bedroom.


This popular home décor account on Instagram is owned by Ashley Mayes, who is a podcaster and home-design blogger who flaunts her unique style on her popular Instagram home décor account @biggerthanthethreeofus. She has the potential of transforming kitchens using a budget-friendly refurbishment.


Hannah Briggs runs this Instagram page and claims that she owns all the books and plants displayed on her page. For book and plant aficionados, this is the ultimate destination to head for finding inspiration for flaunting your collection. Her page is a treasure trove of home décor ideas just right for people who wish to avoid bright or vibrant colors instead stick to tried-and-tested beiges, whites, and grays with simple accents.


For home design enthusiasts who are looking for infusing some glam and gorgeous elements into their home décor, @designsbyjeana could be your best choice for finding design inspiration. On this page, you will come across numerous ways of incorporating sophisticated and chic pieces into your home décor right from place settings and light fixtures to wall décor, furniture, and accent pillows.


Coming Soon NY is the ultimate shopping destination for cool kids in town. Moreover, this fabulous décor store truly deserves acclaim and hype. You may visit the store if you are looking for the splendid velvet vintage furniture collection, table accessories, curated contemporary brands, and overall aesthetics.


It is quite difficult to browse through @houseofhanesinteriors, the Instagram account of Ashley Hanes, and not wishing to copy her home décor style. Right from contemporary furniture combined with mid-century modern pieces to the bathroom and kitchen design and embracing entryway décor, Hanes can prove to be your interior design inspiration for renovating every room and space in your home.


The Instagram home décor account called @hestershomestead thrives on simplicity. The ambiance and vibe seem to be farmhouse meets mid-century modern pieces. You will come across simple décor pieces and furniture items at affordable prices. This page is the way to go for people looking for décor and design ideas with a slight vintage blended with clean lines. @hestershomestead will be constantly sparking novel home décor and design ideas for every corner of your home.


It is quite obvious that everybody has a soft corner for Athena Calderone, as far as entertainment is concerned, but her Instagram page, @eyeswoon is mesmerizing and truly a feast for your eyes when it comes to home décor or interior design. Between the refurbishment of her new home in Brooklyn and her Amagansett, New York beach house, there is no dearth of design inspiration in her Insta feed.


If you wish to make the fullest use of this versatile social media platform, you may follow the top home décor Instagram accounts discussed above for staying on top of interior design and décor.

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