Making NZ Life Easy for Your Dog When You Move!

It is equally essential for your pet to be part of your local NZ community as any other family member. After all, they can’t be locked in the house forever! Plus, most dogs should exercise every day for good health. Some breeds need more exercise than others. H, however, all dogs benefit from taking a regular walk. Besides being an excellent exercise, it is also a great way to meet neighbors and canine companions.

If you want your dog to meet new friends, find a local dog park and let them explore. Did you know that dogs benefit from having friends? It can lower their stress levels and provide a sense of comfort and security. Remember, though, that before taking  my dog reacts to the park or for a walk nearby, you need to make sure your dog is registered via a microchip and has a tagged collar.

If they are lost or if they escape, their microchip record will make them easy to identify and therefore easy to find you. Fortunately, this is easy to accomplish. Most cities allow you to complete the registration process online then you will get pup microchipped at the vet. Some plans for Pet Health Insurance even cover microchipping, so look into this too.

Now, imagine you are moving somewhere new and have planned everything before moving in. Preparing for your pet after the move is just another thing to tick off your checklist.

Moving to a new place can be stressful but also very exciting. You and your family may be eager to open the front door to explore a new environment. However, your pet may not feel the same at first. For them, it feels like sensory overload.

You can introduce your pets slowly to ease the transition to a new home. Keep them in a room for about a day. Of course, take them out for exercise and the bathroom. When they’re in that room, make sure they have something that makes them feel comfortable. It might include one or two of their favorite toys. Let them sleep on their bed or blanket. Give them some of their favorite snacks or chewing bones.

Once you feel that they’re comfortable in the room, introduce them to a few more spaces. You know your pet better than anyone. Watch for signs that they may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. If they do, you can’t take things slower. Patience is an important key when you take your pet to a new place. But when they become as comfortable as you, it will be worth the effort.

It is excellent to have checklists, timetables, systems, and insurances when preparing for a significant move like a home relocation. Cat insurance or dog insurance in NZ is essential for any pet so you can easily afford quality medical care when they need it. Just as home insurance will be for your new abode.

Above all, remember your pets aren’t privy to your plan, and many unexpected things may happen when you arrive at a new place for the first time. Hence, it would be a good idea to buy pet insurance after moving in to ensure that you are prepared for everything – accidents, illness, injuries and more.

That way you can spend more time, money and thought on settling all your family into your new NZ home.

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