Make This Christmas Memorable With Our Selection Of Festive Items

Christmas is enjoyed with utmost enthusiasm in most parts of the world, and many people are just crazy about it. People decorate their houses with numerous items and spend time with their friends and family. There are celebrations all around and gifts and firewood and delicious food. If you are also enthusiastic about the festival, then you might also be looking out for decorative items and gifts for Christmas already.

At our online store, you will get Christmas gift baskets and several individual items that can be customized and used as a gift or decorative thing for Christmas. By customization, we mean printed names, letters or self-prepared gift baskets, and much more. Let’s see what we have in our selection of occasion-based gift and decoration items.

Christmas Eve Boxes – Wooden And Custom Carved 

Our Christmas eve boxes are made with natural wood and have a hinged lid that can be opened to reveal the gift inside. These boxes are handmade and crafted with unique carvings and custom names so that it matches the Christmas theme and you can store the actual gift inside it. We have four different templates of carvings for the boxes, and you can choose from any of them with your custom message or name carved on the box.

The box is 21x28x14cm in dimensions and has a vintage design latch to keep the items safe inside. The wooden box has smooth edges and a polished surface for superiority.

Hessian Cloth Made Sacks With The Printed Side

Many people are familiar with Christmas sacks as they were traditionally used to keep the gift boxes in them and placed under the Christmas tree. But this tradition is not much followed nowadays because you can’t find the sacks easily and also, they do not appear very beautiful. However, we have some printed bags which are made with premium hessian material.

We have a wide range of options in sacks, including

  • 80x53cm non-personalized Christmas sack
  • 80x53cm personalized Christmas sack
  • Cotton-lined personalized sack 80x50cm
  • Mini personalized sacks 25x20cm

Monogrammed Stockings For Decorating The Fireplace On Christmas 

Also, you might have seen people decorating their houses with red stockings on Christmas, which is also a tradition that has been followed for a long time. You can buy these decorating stockings from our collection as we make some top-quality hessian cloth-made stockings. Each piece is 50cm in size, and many color and texture options are available to choose from.

You can hang the stockings by your fireplace but make sure it is away from fire. It can be filled with small gifts and treats. Moreover, we allow you to personalize the stocking with a printed monogram of your choice.

Gift Wraps – To Wrap The Gifts In Festive-Themed Wrapping Paper

Even if you have some special gift item already in your mind, we can still help you make it more memorable. We believe you would have picked the loveliest gift for your loved ones, but you can still make it more loveable by packing it in Christmas gift wraps. We have more than thirty different gift-wrapping papers, which are printed on 100gsm paper and come in a 59x84cm size sheet.

These are also suitable for corporate gift hampers as we allow you to personalize each order with a printed name on the wrap.

Custom Baubles To Decorate The Christmas Tree 

Baubles are an essential decoration item for your Christmas tree, as, without baubles, a Christmas tree is like cake without icing. And what’s unique about our baubles is that they can be customized with printed names on them. We have a great variety of baubles available in our collection, and you can choose as many as you want. For a quick guide, the following are the varieties of baubles available in our collection.

  • Clear glass baubles
  • Glitter gold baubles
  • Colored glitter baubles
  • Matt colored baubles
  • Metallic colored baubles
  • Gloss colored baubles

Our baubles come with red velvet hangers and size 83mm and come wrapped inside a gold foiling and packed in a kraft box.

Crackers – Traditional Christmas Items With Hidden Surprises 

Christmas crackers are to add fun and excitement to the celebration as they come with surprise gifts and jokes inside them. Our crackers are available in two color choices, and we also send your custom gift placed inside the cracker. Along with the cracker, you will get a paper crown and a joke card, just like the traditional crackers used to be.

Also, on the cracker, you can choose to print the name of the person it is meant for, and you can fill the cracker with family treats like sweets, alcoholic spirits, or pet treats. You can include as many crackers in your Christmas gift baskets as you like.

Christmas Trees – Freshly Cut, Packed, And Delivered 

If you don’t know where to get a Christmas tree, then you can order one from us. We have two Christmas tree choices: a Nordmann fir Christmas tree and a Fraser fir Christmas tree. One can choose among three different height options ranging between 5 to 8ft, and a fresh-cut Christmas tree of your choice would be delivered to your doorstep, packed inside a lovely bespoke bag.

These trees are grown in Scotland and are ready to be cut at times of Christmas, which you can decorate with as many items as you want and make your Christmas more delightful.

Wreaths To Decorate Your Doorway On This Celebration Occasion 

Wreaths are also a beautiful decoration item that is used chiefly during festivals or weddings and other such celebration occasions. At present, we have three options of handmade wreaths that are available in two different size options. The tartan wrath, citrus wreath, and Sloane wreath are the three available options with unique items included in them.

We have more choices of items like corporate gift hampers, which are delivered in handmade wicker baskets. Many brands already order our hampers in bulk, and you can also order as many gift hampers as you want, and we can also personalize most of them if you wish.

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