Liability for a Brake-Checking Accident in Atlanta, GA

Have you seen people driving recklessly on the road? In anger or rage, brake checking is the way to show a driver’s aggressive behavior. It can cause an accident in some cases, which can be dangerous at times. Car accident attorneys in Atlanta, GA, can be approached for help in such cases. In this blog, we will discuss brake checking and liability for a Brake Checking Accident in Atlanta, Ga. let us start-

What is Brake Checking

Brake checking is when the driver purposely slams the brakes, giving no time to the driver behind him to react. Some drivers do that to punish other drivers for driving in a manner that is irritating to them, and it results in rear-end collisions.

Is brake checking Illegal?

Yes, brake checking is illegal in Georgia, and it is considered a road rage incident. There are laws for reckless driving, which means driving puts others’ safety in danger. Purposely slamming brakes to punish someone could be deemed liable for careless driving, and the driver could face penalties for violating driving laws. Sometimes, friends brake- check each other for fun which can lead to car accidents.

Proving Liability for Brake- Check Accident

Claiming for compensation in brake checking car accidents needs to be supported with evidence. Video footage of the accident or witness statements can get used as crucial evidence. Using other drivers or people working in nearby shops can be such witnesses. Traffic cameras, surveillance cameras, and dash cams capture the images of the accident.

Payment for Damages

The driver whose brake checking act resulted in an accident is liable to pay the compensation. The person at fault’s insurance company usually does not cover the claims caused by the brake checking accidents. Hiring an experienced and skilled car accident Attorney to counter these assertions can be an option.

Tips to avoid Brake-Checking Accident

Following traffic rules can avoid such accidents. Driving within the speed limit, Following at a safe distance, and using the left lane to pass other cars are the standard traffic rules to be followed. To avoid another driver’s intentionally reckless driving, try to be a defensive driver in such cases.


Brake checking can lead to severe accidents at times. Drive safe and stay at a safe distance from other drivers. Following traffic rules can prevent such accidents from happening. Do not lose your calm quickly while driving at any cost.

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