Legal Consequences Of Hit-And-Run Cases

It is human nature to want to flee a scene where they have done something wrong. The same thing happens in cases of hit-and-run. In hit-and-run cases, the responsible party escapes the accident site, mainly because they are stressed and anxious about being involved in a car collision. However, this act is not only immoral but illegal as well and can have severe consequences.

The law requires involved parties to remain at the accident site if it is safe to do so. If any parties fail to comply with this rule, they can be charged with criminal offenses. If you have caused an accident, fled the area, and are now facing charges, you can discuss your legal options with injury attorneys Huntington Beach

What Is A Hit-And-Run Accident?

A hit-and-run accident occurs when you hit another vehicle, a pedestrian, object, or animal and flee the site immediately without stopping to complete the required formalities after the accident. After an accident, you must stop and exchange your information with the other drivers involved and render aid to anyone who needs it. 

A hit-and-run accident does not necessarily need to take place on the road. Car accidents that occur in parking lots are also covered under hit-and-run collisions. For example, suppose you were parking your car and hit the car behind you in a parking lot and broke the headlights. Then, if you leave the area without leaving your contact information on their windshield, it is also considered a case of hit-and-run. 

Legal Consequences

Hit-and-run is a criminal offense. Penalties may vary from state to state. A felony hit-and-run is defined as leaving the accident scene when there is any injury to a person. The person may be a pedestrian or someone inside the vehicle. 

Here are the following possible penalties of a hit-and-run. 

  1. Fines between $5000 to $20,000.
  2. Jail of up to 15 years, depending on the extent of the accident.
  3. Suspension of driver’s license for six months to three years.
  4. Cancellation of car policy. 
  5. Cancellation of driver’s license.Visit the Site: Isaimini

Civil Penalties 

Civil penalties involve paying compensation to the victim. However, you would have to pay for damages regardless of whether you fled the scene or not. Since you have caused the accident, the victim is entitled to compensation for medical bills, loss of wages, pain, suffering, repairing or replacing their vehicle, etc. 

Get Legal Help

Hit-and-run is a serious offense, and if you are involved in one, you should contact an attorney and discuss your options. Your attorney may be able to save you from severe penalties by offering the right course of action. 

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