Leaking problems in the basement during the rains and their solution

If you find puddles in your basement whenever it rains, it signifies a leaky basement. Most homeowners face this problem. Water leaking in your basement can be distressing and frustrating. It can be saddening to go down to your basement only to find out it is filled with water. Water damage is costly to repair, so it is important to address it instantly with professionals. The first thing is to find the cause.

Basement leaks causes

The common question homeowners ask is how did the leakage occur. The concrete covering your foundation absorbs water, functioning like a sponge. And once it reaches the situation where it cannot hold any water, the excess starts seeping through the foundation. The leakage worsens if your basement floor or walls have cracks.

Basement leaks also occur because of the hydrostatic pressure that the water creates on your house’s foundation. This pressure rises during the rain when the soil is saturated, pushing the water through the basement wall.

Another major reason for basement flooding is water from clogged gutters and downspouts. The rainwater can make the soil expand, developing pressure against the foundation. The pressure damages the foundation and leads to leakage.

Lastly, the window well is also a reason for basement flooding. It can get filled with water in case the drain is clogged.

How to fix basement leakage?

Water damage is expensive to repair. It is essential to hire professionals to detect the causes and suggest an immediate remedy. Waterproofing PD can help. The professionals inspect your home foundation and follow the right procedures for waterproofing your basement.

The common fixing procedure includes:

  • Cleaning of gutters

Clogged gutters can overflow during rainfall, making water puddle near the foundation. Hence, ensure your gutters are clean by removing debris and leaves. Use downspout extenders to ensure that water is channeled away from home.

  • Repair the window wells

A basement with no window wells is pretty dark. If your window wells are efficiently installed, they will fill your basement with good sunlight. They also prevent the basement windows from rusting or rotting. But, if you neglect and clog them, they will overflow during the rain, and the water will enter your basement. Hence, ensure your window wells are unclogged and buy robust covers to keep the debris away.

  • Enhanced grading

Grading has a major role when the rainwater comes into your home. With grading, you can check all areas around your home, such as the lawn, garden, landscape surrounding your home, etc.

Grading directs water away from window wells and foundations. You can enhance grading by ensuring the soil is pitched away from your home. So, water doesn’t get diverted the foundation.

  • Choose a proper waterproofing system

Lastly, choose an exterior or interior waterproofing system to manage the leakage. They are the most efficient method to prevent basement flooding during rainfall.

Hire professionals to assess your basement, detect the cause and diagnose. Waterproofing PD is your one-stop solution to fix leaky basements in Toronto. If your basement leaks after every rainfall, it is important to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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