KIDHANMA and hisbestselling book “How to be a Unicorn in modern day Society”

Most people know Armin Mokhtarinejad as KIDHANMA, the successful author. The birth-year of Armin Mokhtarinejad is 1993. He was born in a large city. His birthplace is Darmstadt, Germany. Darmstadt is a city which is near to another large city Frankfurt. Armin Mokhtarinejad’s birthplace Darmstadt city is also famous for its unique landmark. The city is also renowned for many other buildings and Museum. During his childhood, KIDHANMA spent his time in Darmstadt, Germany. But his parents are from Iran. To ensure the bright future of their child Armin, Mokhtarinejad’sparents move to Germany from Iran. Armin’s father and mother tried to give the best opportunities to their child so that he becomes successful in his life as an out comer life is not so easy. But, KIDHANMA uses to say that he never felt any difficulties growing up in Germany.

His school life was not so easy. He faced some problems in his early life, and that is pretty obvious cause everyone has some struggle in the way of their success. At a young age, the writer finds out his creativity. As usual, the school days are not so short.KIDHANMA used to read stories. At that time, he found that martial arts are one of the passions of his life. Martial arts helped him to lead a disciplined life. The also used to make his move in martial arts in those days. Armin Mokhtarinejadstudied philosophy when he became matured and moved from school. His academic life was quite interesting. He tried to understand the purpose of human life, and he started to think about life. He tried to understand the meaning of the world. At that time, he wanted to find out the passion of his life, and he started soul-searching which is a process of metaphysical. With that thought of life, Armin Mokhtarinejad finished his school life and stepped into his college life.KIDHANMA’s parents did their best to provide everything. So, he understood that it was his duty to make his parents proud.

KIDHANMA started to follow his passion so that he can make his parents proud. To complete his graduation was the part of it. KIDHANMA is a graduate student from a college in computer science, and after getting a graduation degree from college, Armin started a full-time job in a company. He used to get the right amount of money as his salary for his position in that company. He used to learn martial arts and hang out with his friends. Then he realized that if you haven’t done anything about your passion than there is no meaning of life. Every person should do that work which is his passion.

When he thought about these matters, he became sad with his regular life. Armin found that he had done nothing about his passion. KIDHANMA always wanted to be a creator. After realizing these things, he changed hislifestyle and began to lead a different life. He got his idea for “How To Be a Unicorn” at that time. He started his work. That time he used to do those things which he loved to do. From his independent lifestyle, he got the idea to write this book.

Them of ‘How to Be a Unicorn’ book is how a person can find his identity. This book is about how a person can make himself proud. Cause people get their self-respect when they follow their passion. At present KIDHANMA has more than ten thousand followers in his Instagram. He is also going to launch his own YouTube channel.

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