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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Muslim state on the Arabian Peninsula. It is a young and promising country with a rapidly developing economy. The main source of income is oil exports. In terms of sales and production, it occupies a leading position in OPEC. On the authority of  the latest census, the population is over 31 million. 30% of them are foreigners. In addition to vastness of jobs in oil industry, the country has developed tourism. Over the past 3 years, the state has undergone significant changes in the social and legal security of the population.

The job market in Saudi Arabia provides limited employment opportunities, especially for women. Most of the population is employed in the oil sector. Exports account for 80% of the economy’s income. At the same time, local authorities are trying to diversify the sources of state budget formation. Foreign professionals can find a job with a decent salary in tourism, construction, IT, medicine, education and other fields.

According to reports, the country’s maximum income is $ 37,350 a month, while having an average job in Saudi Arabia can bring you about $ 5,210 and the minimum is $ 423. The undeniable advantage of employing foreign workers in the country is the absence of a tax. This allows workers to receive higher salaries than in other states. On average, an employee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can receive a month:

o   Courier, carrier – $ 950;

o   Administrator – $ 1,800;

o   Seller – $ 2,150;

o   Service station employee – $ 2,800;

o   Marketer – $ 2,600;

o   Researcher – $ 3,300;

o   Teacher – $ 3550;

o   Environmentalist – $ 3,150;

o   Builder – $ 3,900;

o   Pharmacist – $ 3,400,

o   Engineer – $ 4,200;

o   Sales Manager – $ 4050;

o   Foreign language teacher – $ 5200;

o   Architect – $ 4,600;

o   Banker – $ 6,300;

o   Doctor – $ 5,500;

o   Lawyer – $ 6,200;

o   Designer – $ 5,350;

o   An airline employee – $ 7,300.

The most profitable jobs in Saudi Arabia in the oil industry, tourism, finance and investment. These areas are the most succesful. The government is trying to diversify the sources of state budget revenues by providing new employment opportunities.

Residents and foreigners have equal rights to employment. At the same time, the labor legislation of Saudi Arabia is interested in providing vacancies to citizens of the state, including young people. Immigrants are given a limited number of quotas. If the company does not meet the conditions, it faces sanctions and fines. A foreigner can count on employment only if the employer fills in the necessary documents and opens a visa. The process takes more than one month. To obtain a job permit in Saudi Arabia (Ikama), you must enter into an employment contract. This requires a higher education (specialized), a medical certificate of absence HIV and hepatitis, and get an invitation from your employer.

There are practically no mixed teams in the country: women work separately from men. The exceptions are medical facilities where representatives of both sexes work.

Another nuance: a foreign worker is required to keep his supervisor informed about movements in the city and country. This is not a violation of rights and freedoms, but it results from the fact that the administrator is responsible for a citizen of another country.

Income opportunities like in jobs in Saudi Arabia do not exist in other parts of the world. This explains the number of foreigners who come here every year to work. Basic requirements for employment of immigrants: higher education; fluency in Arabic or English; work experience is valued; required qualifications; absence of diseases and medical contraindications. Preference is given to candidates for the humanities.

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