Is It Worth Replacing Phone Screen?

One of the few disadvantages of a smartphone is the risk of dropping it and breaking its fragile screen. When it happens, you’re forced to think about whether to replace it or buy a new phone. It’s a common problem among most people using smartphones. So, is it worth replacing phone screen?

That depends on the price, affordability, and budget. Most of the time, affordable screen replacement can help extend your phone’s services. However, getting a newer smartphone, you get an upgraded system you will get to enjoy for quite some time. Replacing a phone screen is a great idea, but getting a newer model can be the best move if your budget doesn’t restrict you.

Replacing phone screens is something that confuses most people. Evaluating the options is always the best move. Do you buy a new phone or do you replace the screen? Where does your budget place you? Read more to find out when replacing your phone’s screen is worth the price and when to consider getting yourself a new one.

Why Should You Consider Replacing Phone Screen

Phone screen breaking is always a turn-off of a beautiful day into a sad one. When this happens, the first thing that comes to mind is the price of replacing the screen. Some are forced to use the phone while others rush to a third party for fixing. But why?

Convenient Screen Replacement Prices

Even though we assume that these screen replacements cost a fortune, some do but not always. You have the option of taking your smartphone to your phone manufacturer or a third party. But, remember, if you do that and you’re under warranty, it’ll be voided.

If you’re still under the warranty period, the best place to take your phone for repair is the phone manufacturer. But, how much will it cost you to replace the screen? They are pretty expensive. Call technical support and ask for the prices. If convenient for you, well, that’s a better option.

If too high, but you still want your phone screen replaced, third-party repair services can help you out. Their payment plan for various phones is quite convenient for customers. All you need is to communicate with them and know what you’re dealing with.

If you live in Montgomery, a simple search phone repair in Montgomery will give you a list of available third-party phone repair shops near you. All you need is to find their contacts and make a call for an inquiry. can also help you out. They have a range of phone repair services, including screen replacement. Visit them today and learn more about their services and how they make phone replacement convenient for their customers.

Sentimental Value

If your phone has some sentimental value, you will want to keep it in an operational state. It might be a gift from a dear person, and you want to have it like ‘forever.’ If you do, seeking the best and convenient phone screen replacement like would be the best move.

Of course, you can also take it to its manufacturer, but if you’re not trying to keep the warranty seal intact, the service can be pretty expensive for nothing. A reputable third-party service can do the same job with almost or even half the price.

When No To Replace Your Phone Screen

At times, phone screen replacement can become a not-necessary option for you. When is that?

If your phone is an old model with no sentimental value, you might want to consider buying a new smartphone. It might be too old that even getting its spare parts isn’t possible.

Another thing, if you want a fully functioning phone right away, the best option for you is a new model. It’ll save you time. It might take a day, a week, or a month to get your old phone screen replaced.


Should you replace the phone screen? It’s all up to you! If your smartphone is a newer generation that you bought recently, replacing its screen is the best move. You can take it to the manufacturer or seek third-party repair services. The same option stands if you’re reinstating the functionality of a sentimental smartphone. But if you’re dealing with an old generation phone or you cannot stay without a phone a day, a week, or a month, getting a new smartphone is your ideal option.

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