Intra Haryana Login – How to use the Intra Haryana portal?

The Government of Haryana has its own portal for state government employees where it provides services like salary slip, bills, GPF statement etc. The portal is called Intra Haryana portal. Once you visit the website of Intra Haryana portal, you will be able to avail all the employee services from the login page.

How to use Intra Haryana portal?

Before you start using, there are several steps you are required to follow –

  • Go to Intra Haryana Login Page
  • Enter your user ID and password to login.
  • Now, go to the online leads and tour module.
  • Once you go to that option, Select my Leave option from there.
  • To apply for leave, select that option.
  • Fill the form as asked.
  • Submit and your leave application will be sent online.

You need to be registered on the Intra Haryana portal first to start using it. Please make sure that you are registered. If not, you can use the process mentioned below to register.

How to register on Intra haryana portal?

To register on the portal, use following steps –

  • First, go to
  • Then, select the option called new registration.
  • Fill the form with complete details as asked.
  • Enter employer type.
  • Enter payee code.
  • Enter your salary account details.
  • Submit and complete the Intra Haryana registration process.

That is how you can easily use the portal for employee related services.

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