Internet and Telephone Line Technician Job Descriptions

Internet technicians are often referred to as IT support.  They are required in every business to help with a variety of jobs.  Some jobs that an internet technician Sydney might do can include:

  • Maintain hardware: The technician is responding to potential problems and proactively controlling hardware.  They check the functionality of the hardware.
  • Maintaining networks and equipment: Installing and setup of network devices, making proposals for upgrading the WLAN or LAN network per the needs of the user.
  • Records of equipment: The equipment needs to be recorded in a specialized Asset Management software, including characteristics of equipment, inventory number, equipment user, etc.
  • Equipment procurement: Analyzing the needs and submit a bid for new hardware purchase.  It also includes delivery and installation.
  • Installing and configuring user computers: If the user is unfamiliar with the technology the technician will install and configure the software so the user can use the software.
  • Software and equipment upgrades: They will assist the user with keep-up to date the new advancements and parts to keep your computer running fast.
  • Security policy: Sometimes an internet technician Sydney will provide security management consulting services.  This is a way that a company can raise the level of its IT security.
  • Provide technical support: If a user has an issue or question, they can contact an internet technician to provide guidance, training, and more.

A telephone line technician installs, tests, and repairs telephone systems and wiring.  They may also have the responsibility of installing telephone wiring in an office building or a private home.  They will connect the telephone wiring in an office building or a home.  Once the wiring is in, they will connect it to the outside wiring.  The outside wiring is maintained by the company that is providing the customer or business with service.

They may also work to repair equipment that does not work as it should and make sure that switchboards are properly working.  A telephone line technician will spend most of their time working on installing, repairing, and testing residential wiring.  They may be assigned a truck that they use to travel to their customers, which will carry the tools and equipment they need to provide service.

This is generally a physical job as they may have to kneel or bend to access the wiring, climb ladders or telephone poles, etc. to get the work done.  They may also drill holes in the walls to connect or install wires.

In an office setting, a technician does not install one line but installs a telephone system.  The connections are more complicated as they must ensure that calls can go to certain extensions, that the people who work in the building can call each other using extension numbers, and more.


Although their job is very different, both are necessary to keep an office or home running.  They help to ensure that people have a way to effectively communicate, send emails, and more.  They have the knowledge to do these things that others cannot do.  Both are jobs that if you work at, will give you job security.

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