Innovative tapes range for electric vehicles

The EV battery line can also incorporate connectivity solutions and functional aspects like as flamme retardation and dielectric power. This technology may be used in a number of applications to limit thermal flow, cell-to-cell connections and compression pads. This new range makes it possible to generate unique adhesives for EV batteries and component manufacturers while reducing significant cure periods as well as the needs of liquid adhesive equipment.

Electric vehicle batteries are one of the automotive industries’ fastest expanding areas, and producers of components are seeking for bonding solutions that match their high-performance standards as well as saving production time. We are pleased to enhance our knowledge in car maintenance and the development of flammable adhesives with the beginning of this new line. Manufacturers can employ a variety of adhesive chemicals to satisfy battery pack requirements, including as acrylic, silicone and rubbers. We have the best BLU Tape in the market.

Flame-retardant adhesives

The portfolio contains flame retardant adhesives intended to bond with and aid materials and composites in order to meet UL 94 V-0 and other flame retardant criteria. In addition to bonding, these single and double-coated structures include conductive and non-conductive characteristics, which give manufacturers additional options for minimising vibration deterioration, radiant heat reflections and flame energy. Based on the significant car experience of the firm, Avery Dennison’s EV battery range.

The Avery Dennison Performance Tapes are only some of the automotive applications covered by bathing, braking shims, fluid management, heat shields, weather sealing and moulding, and vibration and noise control. These products are supported by UL-accredited laboratories ISO 17025, allowing quick-track testing to satisfy manufacturer needs. The products are certified in over 2,400 active OEM certifications.

Due to their low running costs, silent operations, and comfortable travel, electric automobiles (EVs) have grown more popular. Smaller material, such composites and the weight-saving attachment, joining and connection methods are utilised by automotive makers to enhance the power to weight ratio. Stickers are a popular alternative to traditional techniques of mechanical attachment and play an important part in electric car production. To decrease rattles and squeaks, structural tapes and anti-noise tapes, as well as cell foam tapes for waterproof sealing, have numerous alternatives. Best RFID tape can be found here.

We have just created a new range of specialised adhesive tapes particularly intended to fulfil the industry requirements for electric battery installations. This range covers EMI protection, thermal and electrical isolation, flame retardation and optimization of heat sinks. ITW Stokis Tapes produces the range of products, which includes:

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ITW Formex: A collection of tapes which are mechanical interference, electrical interference, and EMI covering and blocking batteries.

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