Important tips for PMP certification exam

The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) is a good choice for project managers in any industry. The purpose of PMI to give PMP Certification in Wellington is to create skilled professionals who can handle and complete projects on time with greater efficiency. There are various project manager jobs available in the market, adding this credential to your resume gives you a better chance to win this job. You not only get hired but also earn a good salary than other non-PMP managers in the market.

To apply for PMP certification, one has to qualify the requirements set by the PMI. Passing the exam takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Many seasoned managers take this exam as they thought they can pass and earn this certification very easily. Instead of passing the exam, they fail very badly. It is just because they have not prepared for the exam as requires. So, for your ease here we will discuss some important tips to pass the PMP exam and earn this certification.

Read the PMBOK guide

PMI has published Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), a guide to the PMP exam. It contains all the essential information that one should know before appearing in the PMP exam. It is a bit lengthy and boring for some people to read but it is important to read this guide as you might find various people who failed to pass the exam because they ignored this guide. So, starting your preparation with the PMBOK guide is essential as it will help you build the foundation for your preparation.

Create a study plan

PMP exam needs dedication and hard work. So, it is important to have a study plan because without this your chances of success drops. PMP exam tests candidates on three domains i.e people (42%), process (50%), and business environment (8%). It is important to review all three domains and spend extra time reviewing areas that need improvement and one cannot do so without a proper study plan.

Solve practice questions

PMP exam questions are mostly scenarios based and reading and memorizing the long paragraph don’t guarantee your success in the exam. To prepare for the actual situation, one should practice past questions. SPOTO practice questions are best for this practice. These questions are collected from past papers that are most repeated in the exams. You can get more about SPOTO certification to understand how it works and how you can get benefit from it.

Make  a strategy that works for you

While reading the success stories of holders who passed this exam at the first attempt you might have noticed that those holders have different stories to tell. So, there is no best strategy for the exam. Everyone has a different perspective of viewing and memorizing things. Some people learn very quickly by visual learning while others learn well in group study. Thus, the best way to pass this exam is to first understand your weaknesses and strengths and then develop a strategy that best suits and works for you.

Learn to hold your nerve

Last but not least is to learn how to hold your nerves during the exam. People do best in their practice tests and failed to perform well in the final exams because they have not practiced controlling their nerves in the exam. Exam day is a bit different because on that day candidates are under pressure due to which their performance is affected. So, tell yourself before the exam, no matter whatever will happen you are not going to lose your confidence. If you will not be able to perform well in some questions this does not mean the exam is over. You have other questions left and you have to perform well in those questions.

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