Hyundai i30 – Specs & Colors

There are 5 generations of the Hyundai i30, with the first model starting in 2007. There are choices between mild hybrid, gasoline, and diesel engines. Peter Schreyer, who also invented the Audi-Volkswagen, designed this brand. It is a 5 seater hatchback, and the 2020 model is available at the price of $98,999 in Singapore. He showed off his first model in Frankfurt, Germany.

The most popular 11 colors are: Sleek Silver, Stone Blue, Phantom Black, Mushroom, Misty Beige, Hyper Silver, Dazzling Blue, Creamy White, Coffee Bean, Brilliant Red, and Black Bear. There is also a list of 98 other colors: 2R Continental Silver Metallic, 2Y Indigo Blue Metallic, 7F Crystal White, 9A Steel Grey Metallic, 9D Moonlight Blue Metallic, 9F Stone Black Metallic, BG Stone Black Metallic, BK Iron Silver Metallic, BN/09 Phantom Black Metallic, BV Vivid Blue Metallic, DE Alpine Blue Metallic, F2 Charcoal Grey Metallic, FG Sleek Silver Metallic, HAT/Glowing Red Metallic, HW Crystal White, JA Shine Red, JHR Engine Red, MAD Hyper Silver Metallic, MB3 Black Bean Metallic, MTS Shimmering Silver Metallic, MW Glacier Silver Metallic, N2U Clean Blue, N35 Shimmering Silver Metallic, NYB Marina Blue Pearl, N5S Hyper Silver Metallic, ND Ember Red Metallic, NKA Phantom Black Metallic, NRR Passion Red, NSW Cashmere Brown Metallic, P5N Satin Amber Metallic, P5P Pink Shell Metallic, PAE Phantom Black Metallic, PAY Silver Metallic, PDS Sky Blue Metallic, PF8 Intense Copper metallic, PR2 Fiery Red/Scarlet Red Pearl, PR3 Fiery Red Pearl, PYW Polar White, QU Champagne Silver Metallic, R3U Ara Blue Pearl, RAH Sleek Silver Metallic, RB4 Demitasse Brown Metallic, RB5 Timeless Black Metallic, RBC Ceramic White, REH Sienna Orange Metallic, RER Venetian Red Metallic, RN8 Charky Brown Metallic, RWB Stargazing Blue Metallic, S3N Satin Amber Metallic, S3W Ruby Wine Pearl, S7U Santorini Blue Metallic, S9A Orange Caramel Metallic, SFB Performance Blue, SG5 Stargazing Blue Metallic, SK7 Misty Olive Metallic, SU9 Stone Blue Metallic, T2U Aqua Blue Metallic, T5B Jet Black Metallic, T8S Symphony Air Silver Metallic, TA2 Tropical Sea Blue Metallic, TA8 Tangerine Red Metallic, TB7 Phantom Black Metallic, TCW Creamy White, TKG Shadow Grey, TRP Tropic Red, TU6 Tropical Sea Blue Metallic, TWR Cool Red, U2U/FIFA Blue Champion Blue Pearl, U3S Platinum Silver Metallic, U8N Hazel Brown Metallic, UB2 Clean Slate Metallic, UYS Galactic Grey Sparkling Grey Metallic, VC5 Coffee Bean Metallic, W7G Hazel Brown Metallic, W8U Ocean View Metallic, WAE Blueberry Blue Metallic, WAW Ceramic White, WC Mocha Brown Metallic, WEA Diamond Silver Metallic, WG3 Thunder Grey Metallic, WR3 Ultimate Red Pearl, WU7 Coast Blue Metallic, WW7 Ice White Pearl, WY7 Blazing Yellow Pearl, X5R Olivine Metallic, XAF Ice Blue Metallic, XN3 Moon Rock Pearl, XN5 Coffee Bean Brown Metallic, Y3Y White Sand Metallic, YAC Creamy White, YR7 Brilliant Red Pearl, Z36 Micron Grey Metallic, ZAR Steel Grey 11 Metallic, ZU3 Dazzling Blue Metallic. The turbo three-and-five doors only come in Polar White, Jet Black, and Pepper Grey.

The following is an outline of the Hyundai i30 specifications:

Pricing: Price for a new Hyundai i30 is $23,420. Private sale is $19,470-$22,130. Dealer retail is between $20,720-$24,640. The dealer trade is $15,300-$17,700.

The engine type is Gasoline Direct Injections. The engine size is 2.0L. cylinders are inline 4. The maximum torque is 203Nm @ 4700 rpm. Maximum power is 120kW @6200 rpm. 

Power/weight ratio is 95.9W/kg. Bore and stroke is 81×97 mm. Compression ratio is 11.5. Valve gear is Variable Double Overhead Cam. For the Drivetrain specifications are: Transmission 6 SP Manual. Drive type is front wheel drive. The final drive ratio is 4,333. The fuel specs are: Fuel type is unleaded petrol. The fuel tank capacity is 50 liters. The fuel consumption is 7.3 liters/100 km. The weight and measurement specs are: Kerb weight 1251, height 1455mm, length 4340mm, width 1795mm, ground clearance 140mm, towing capacity- brake: 1300, unbrake- 600. The steering and suspension specs for the Hyundai i30 are as follows: The steering type is rack and pinion power assisted. The turning circle is 10.6. The front rim size is 6.5Jx16+48. The rear rim size is 6.5Jx16+48. The front tires are 205/55 R 16 9. The rear tires are 205/55 R 16 9. The wheelbase is 2650. The front track is 1559. The rear track is 1568. The front brakes are disc-ventilated. The rear brakes are disc. The Front Suspension is Macpherson Strut and the rear suspension is Torsion Beam Axle.

The Hyundai i30 is an affordable and high quality car for the middle class people.

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