Hublot Classic Fusion’s Unique Loyalty Watches

Innovative ideas do not necessarily ask for a completely new style of items. Not everyone grows out of tradition nor do they wish to. No matter how swiftly trends change nowadays, some people still find comfort with the constant presence of familiarity. Sometimes they even settle in this familiarity as if they were nestled in a home. This applies even to the types of accessories they wear which include watches.

Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker founded in 1980, respects this preference of customers. They consider this as part of the overall quality of their products which is the reason why the Hublot Classic Fusion came to life.

History of the Hublot Classic Fusion Collection

Hublot is a porthole-shaped watch brand. Carlo Crocco’s design is the source of inspiration for this. When the Hublot Big Bang was introduced, the entire world was taken by storm. It was designed in a truly unique way. However, some people still prefer a traditional, conservative timepiece. As a result, Hublot came up with a similar concept, but with a different implementation.

In the 1980s, Hublot came out with a watch that got everyone hooked — the Hublot Classic Fusion. It’s a watch that appears to be a toned-down version of the Big Bang. In the end, Hublot managed to win over a large part of the market and to this day, stands out for these watches.

What Makes Up Hublot Classic Fusion

Some people tend to prefer a more traditional design. The Hublot Classic Fusion comes into play here. The Big Bang concept is readily combined with the understated elegance of conventional designs in this watch. As the name implies, there are glimpses of Hublot models from the 1980s, as well as the concept of blending materials and colors.

Prices for the Hublot Classic Fusion 3-Hand Models

As if the Hublot Classic Fusion could not be any more elegant, the 3-Hands line, the most basic of all designs, has been added to the collection. The designs of these timepieces are inspired by antique Hublot timepieces. They have a circular casing with a porthole bezel and six ornamental H-shaped screws on each side. They’re also equipped with built-in lugs.

This watch — the classic Classic Fusion — does not make a lot of noise. It has attached bar indexes and a date display positioned at 3 o’clock. The watch was equipped with automatic movements, as one would expect from a Swiss brand. As a result, the word “Automatic” is commonly found on watch dials. However, the same range also includes quartz-powered timepieces.

The pricing of the Hublot Classic Fusion 3-Hands is determined by the watch’s material and size. To put things in perspective, the watch is available in four sizes: 42mm, 45mm, 38mm, and 33mm. The larger variants have a starting price of roughly $5,700. This will almost always buy you a 42mm titanium watch.

Smaller watches follow a similar idea. More valuable materials necessitate a higher price. They are, however, far less expensive than the larger watches. You should anticipate paying anything from $5,000 to 25,000 USD.

Prices for the Hublot Classic Fusion 40th Anniversary Watches

Hublot commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Classic Fusion model back in 2020. It’s a 45mm special edition 3-Hands model. It comes with a rubber band and is available in titanium, ceramic, or yellow gold. The black lacquer dial of the 40th Anniversary Classic Fusion is without indices. The date at 3 o’clock and the logo at 12 o’clock should be your points of reference.

Buy a Hublot Classic Fusion Watch

The Hublot Classic Fusion exemplifies Hublot’s legacy as a legendary Swiss watchmaker. It not only has the brand’s name, but it also rests in the middle of two concepts. It strikes a good balance between classic and innovative clocks. It’s sporty yet elegant, which is something that many watch collectors are looking for these days.

You should avail pieces from the Classic Fusion Watches because these are luxury sports watches that will indeed captivate a watch collector’s heart. It has tourbillons, moon phases, and minute repeaters, among other complexity. These timepieces have a power reserve mechanism that can last up to 8 days. Since the component of a watch is important, the Hublot Classic Fusion watch uses materials like titanium, carbon, gold, and ceramic in the same fusion concept. What completes the list is that the watch features the same porthole design as the legendary Hublot Big Bang, but in a more traditional style.


Overall, traditional styled watches are still relevant and timely today because of their beautiful and unique appearance. What made Hublot Fusion Watches stand out is its capability to maintain its trademark while able to adapt to the changes in the watch industry. Bringing the customer new designs as well as standing out from their competition.

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